Me neither. He had been pretty elitist. I prefer the stormtroopers and populists.


Take it easy on yourself Michelle. We both got caught up in something that served neither one of us well.


This last trip of mine was hellish but that was mainly due to storms and was nobody’s fault. I have no complaints, but I have some observations. The US is really falling into the trap of becoming a police state. Going through US customs with its armed soldiers feels exactly like I imagined the Soviet Union felt 50 years ago. Have all your papers perfect, don’t smile, don’t look around. The signs tell you that you better not tell any lies or you will be put in prison. The lines are long and dehumanizing, and there are special lines for people more important than I am who whiz by the rest of us, right out of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Every moment I spent in that country was unpleasant and I was thrilled to leave it. I only feel sorry for those who have to live there. I really mean no insult or offense with that statement. I loved the US in the past and have nothing but respect for most Americans, but it has turned into something ugly.


Yes, and I feel this is only the beginning.


Long lines, because sooooooo many people want to come to the U.S.
Makes sense, huh?
Think about it. If lines were short, the US wouldn’t be that popular. It is called “logic”. Logic ain’t magic.
People worldwide love Trump and just want to be a part of this great movement.
So they are rushing in to take a big breath of the smell of freedom. Maybe even touch the soil.
That is why You had been standing in the long line…
They should have fast lanes for people arriving in full Trump gear, though.

Finally the US reestabished law and order!


Perhaps they could start a Trump Youth program for kids to show their loyalty to the homeland and its leader.


Excellent thinking, brother Reg!
How to tell: I just love that idea.
i’d be with it primera linea


Do You think Pastor Lindstedt was right all along with his teaching about the great tribulation soon be ushering in the final age?


The US Supreme Court just upheld Trump’s travel ban. Interestingly, on November 28, 1938 the Reich Ministry of the Interior restricted the freedom of movement of Jews.


Great idea! I wonder what color their shirts would be.


I don’t know. Is Pastor Lindstedt a nazi?


What do You have with your national socialsts? Do you have some kind of uniform fetish? Do you want me to put on an extra tight uniform of my grandfather and take homo-erotic photos of it next to the image of Chubby McGöring?
Pastor Lindstedt believes in a special form of Dual Seedline Christian Identity, namely:

  • only ordained are genuine rabbis, all others are mamzers
  • believes in great tribulation and teaches the torture of regime criminals
  • teaches the 1000 warlords program in which 1000 warlords with their tribes will slain most of fallen humanity in preparation of the return of messiah in the end-of-times. (Like some jews believe in the neccessity of an mashiah-ben-Josef). This abbreviates from biblical teaching where 144000 male virgins will play a mere pacifist role to teach the world and 2/3rd of the angels will instead take part in the actual fighting action on the side of Jeshuah.


In honour of Reg’s avatar photo, the inventor of this truely outstanding idea, I’d opt for the colour BLUE


I don’t know. Are you Communist?


Everyone will be found guilty together.


Pastor Lindstedt believes in a special form of Dual Seedline Christian Identity

From Wikipedia:
Christian Identity (also known as Identity Christianity[1]) is a racist, anti-Semitic, and white supremacist interpretation of Christianity which holds that only Germanic, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, Aryan people and those of kindred blood are the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and hence the descendants of the ancient Israelites (primarily as a result of the Assyrian captivity).


Pastor Lindstedt, who I have had long talks with both on BBAD and on the phone, is an interesting chap.


Obviously, you understand that is a false belief. Those may have blood lineage but salvation and the promise does not come through bloodline, does it Will?


In my younger days I immersed myself in the bible and christianity. It was all ruined by the church.


“The” church?
Which church?
There are ten thousands of denominations out there.

PS: Pastor Lindstedt’s program is called “ten thousand warlords”, not 1000 warlords