Looks like trump needs to release his tax records or he can’t run in 2020. He has more important stuff to worry about, though.


That would be great. He never showed them the first time around. Not to mention his violations of the 14th amendment. He is making a bundle these days.


Now to branch off a bit. From an article in The New Yorker by Evan Osnos, May 21 2018.

Concerning Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke. After a meeting with scientist Joel Clement concerning invasive species, Clement remarked “He was filling the intellectual vacuum with nonsense. It’s amazing that he has such confidence, given his level of ignorance”.

That’s how I feel about trump.


Trump is manufacturing trump clothing merchandise advertisements in China and Bangladesh. What a hypocrite. Amazing anybody can defend the guy. The USA is getting exactly what it deserves. We must be a total laughing stock. The fact the guy still has a 40 percent approval must be amazing to foreigners.


Why hipocrit?
Tolls don’t take effect over night. Don’t You know these things take some time to bring industries back?
It took Germany 5 years to recover from capital leaving the country due to the low interest rates in combination with the €uro 2000-2005. Only after 2010 effects were reversed.
By the way, tolls aren’t equal to prohibitions. You still may import your Chinese stuff or Mercedes Benz after the toll is in place, just it’ll cost you some extra expenses - AND I BET THE TRUMPSTER CAN AFFORD IT HIMSELF!
Better to buy national(ist)!
You will want to import goods, NOT PEOPLE. Goods can be shipped without people attached. It is called “mail-order” or simply “trade”.

Numbers are talking in favor for the US in regards to economics and employment as well as projects.
The US gets what it deserves: the best man while we are stuck with Merkel and the EU at the virge of breaking apart - YHWH THANKS!

Not for me. I love him. I wished we had a Trump.


…even the freaking Peruvians understand that it is always best to buy national(ist).
They even apply a logo on Peru-made products. In Peru that is.


I couldn’t agree more.




he keeps the promise - continue building the wall


You do love your autocrats and dictators don’t you Daniel.


I have to admit I have a little weakness for strong personalities in when it comes to rulership as long as they are not liberal, humanist or - heavens forbid - globalist.
My excuse is: I mostly grew up without a father, so I am constantly seeking blood-rated leading figures to be their right-wing-hand :wink: so I can perform ruthlessly.


How do you think you are in any way blood related?


This is easy. I when seeking I go from near to far. An automatism. If Germans and Spaniards seem to have forgotten to build a closed society, I do seek a similar nation or religious group that hasn’t.
From inside to outside, always bearing until having tuned into an idea.
within Family (stronger signal) -> within Peer --> within Tribe --> within Nation --> within Race --> within a similar race (weaker signal)
Same beliefs (stronger signal)–> more or less same beliefs.(weaker signal)

When my sensors detect a stronger (nearer) signal, I abandon the prior one and tune into the stronger one.
When a stronger signal dies, I revert to a weaker one.

My eyes are laser-sharp when it comes to detect level of blood relation


I would like to say something positive but I can’t. That is exactly how it looks to almost all of us outside the USA, Daniel notwithstanding.


So now trump wants to suspend due process for illegal immigrants. Sorry Puffball, we have the CONSTITUTION (14th amendment) that says once the cops have you in custody you have a constitutional right to due process.

Once again I post this quote -


Our Lord has put it in your heart to show me mercy when I didn’t deserve it.
Where is death when you need it!


Are You a fan of Chubby McGöring?


I see I missed a lot of Trump news this last week. None good. Rachel Maddow posted video from the concentration camps where the children are being held. I really never thought I’d see things like that in America.


Why don’t they just deport the whole family? So, they wouldn’t need to dwell in a camp separately?
It should be easy, if they entered unregistered.