Lets build family friendly prison cells. Also gay friendly ones. Gays could watch over the children while the rest of the family members could enjoy themselves at the prison’s SPA. Maybe they could even give some sex-ed classes to toddlers, I mean aren’t gays all about sexuality?
And, of course, separate cells for the 3rd sex, I mean this goes without saying. This is absolutely inevitable.
You know, for those poor families whose members that evil Trump want’s to separate, just because one member commits a criminal act. Because it isn’t really them (the families) who are to blame here. It is white priviledge. And global warming. And Trump. Of course.
I go even so far to say that the family member engaging in bank robbery and illegal border crossing actually was forced to do their crimes. Because of mysogyny and racism. And Trump - of course.

Is this view SJW enough in your opinion, BigMoon?


To you and the nazi I say this will not end well for your fuhrer.


I’m not sure who you’re referring to as the nazi but I totally agree that this will not end well for Trump. I bet a couple of friends that he would not last out his first term and I stand by that.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Why do you say that? Do you reckon our president colluded with Russia? LOLOLOLOL

In other news silly news:


I was referring to Daniel after reading his post on his favorite color shirt (Just4Fun).


Whistling past the graveyard Michelle? Time and Mueller will tell.


No I’m not but you must be because the IG report has already started telling.


Oh yeah, the IG report that your fuhrer says clears him. It doesn’t. He says a lot of things doesn’t he? I wait for Mueller.


Concentration camps. Let’s be honest about this. That’s what’s going on with trumps policy of separating families at the border. It is NOT law. It is trumps policy. The nazis did it. Took children from their mothers. It is not illegal to seek asylum. Illegal entry the first time is a misdemeanor. Today, it’s kids in Concentration camps. And you can shove your religious defense straight up your ass.


Jesus was an undocumented immigrant.


Didn’t he went back to his home town to get registered?


Look, freind, there can be many kings, but only ONE fuhrer.
Or do you know of anybody able to do this:


I am not a national socialist simply because of the fact I am full blown against socialism. It is a wrong concept. You seem way more socialist than myself. I am a mere nationalist. However one who hasn’t found his holy nation yet.
A certain messianic jewish community visit red-red-pilled me over and over again…They showed me the bad effects some nazi laws that the “glorious American liberators” forgot to remove: the ban on home-schooling and thus the premise that starting at a certain age your children belong to the state.
Trump doesn’t plan anything remotely similar, friend.

Of course I posted “just4fun” as I ardently hate communism and am glad that Spaniards fought against it. Againt “your ally”, the communist SOVIET union. Just don’t forget that.


Illegal entry is a mayor crime againt your nation given the fact that a nation according to international law consists of 3 neccessary ingredients:

  • territory
  • its people
  • some kind of legal authorities

Illegal immigration is going against at least 2 of them. 2 fundamental ingredients of a nation. Hence the term “illegal immigration”.


Our king hast spoken out.


John legend just tweeted fuck you to Paul Ryan in regards to his tweet wishing all the dads a happy father’s day. I guess he disagrees with Ryan sitting with his finger in his was, while the 2000 kids got separated.


It looks like Melania is against separating the kids. I could see that. I feel bad for her. She chose him, but she didn’t choose to be first lady.


Yes. I gained some respect for her.


Please read carefully. Follow along with your finger if you need to. Under U.S. law it is a misdemeanor to enter the country illegally the first time.


So now we have a situation in the U.S. where we have “tender age” lockup facilities to house children and infants. Some parents have been deported to their home countries but the children remain behind in custody. Even members of congress are not allowed inside. It’s enough to make a christian proud.