However on the other side, over here in Europe the state took custody over children whose parents violated home-schooling ban laws and they are openly planning to do the same for children of fundamentalist muslims. They become foster children just because their parents dared to believe.
Just to point out that it isn’t only right-wingers who separate children from rightful parental rule, but also the EU soaked with SJWism.

They should deport the kids to their rightful parents ASAP.

What are those Christian references supposed to stand for?
The bible is not equal to stupid french revolution humanism.
It is a tribal book acknoledging both blood relationships and heritage of different nations due to descendancy. Measures against foreign invasions (wall of fire, anti-assimilation measures like prohibition of the ba’al cult) and immigration as a punishment from god for disobedience (e.g. Jeremiah) included


Tribal descedancy very important like the bloodline of Jeshuah, tribal line of David.
I wouldn’t be surprised if King Donaldus was of the bloodline of the Skytheans who later became the Sakae/Sacsons when establishing themselves in the European heartland. Noble line of the 10 lost tribes of Jacob-Israel-the man. He has all the traits including outstanding size, earthly reddish teint and born to rule.


I see Trump caved on his disgusting child separation policy. Maybe having Melanie (no error) against him was too much even for him.


The uproar caused him to fold like a cheap suit.


Like a suit made in China, maybe.


And just when I was starting to have some respect for Melania.


China all the time!

Isn’t Yahweh my (spiritual) father and holy mother Europe my (earthly) mother?
And if illegals entering this holy place by force without an invitation, isn’t this like like rape, like a violation, a mistreat? A great crime?
Our holy mother Europe has been violated million-fold. Let’s put an end to this and restore her absolute honour and dignity without a spot nor wrinkle.


After they will have built the wall, there will be no more need for separation of children. Case closed, problem solved in my eyes.

Trump promised the wall and he will deliver strict immigration policies, first and foremost for latinos as they are prone to be messy. I know what I am talking about here…


Yes, I remember your comments admiring the waffen ss.



Time’s got it wrong! Not welcome! Isaih 58,7!!
Lo sentimos - border’s closed

<---------THIS WAY TO PERUCITO-------

Build “el muro”, Build “el muro”, build “el muro”!


…You don’t have the notoriously short Malay-Canadian-Colombian, nor American attention span, that is a good thing! Congrats!


In my defense, I remember that there is no wall which you appear to be forgetting. You also seem to have forgotten that Trump caved on the children issue.


So true :wink: Give him some time.

Yeah, but given Trump’s steadyness, he will be on the right side again next evening.

Ok. So I see You wearing an uniform to the glory of the army that had been in Vietnam.
Oh - but I forgot. Notoriously short German-Hispanic attention-span kicking in - those had been in Vietnam for quote-unquote “humanitarian reasons” after breaking with their former allie, the soviet union.


PS: To all Trump critics and phonies: just a short reminder (for those with a notoriously short attention span):

  • there still is the possibility of legal migration to the US
  • You gotta bring a passport though and fill out some forms and be patient

end of announcement


If you read history of the Vietnam War you will see that the justification for it was to keep communism from spreading in southeast asia. It was a war based on lies, just like the Iraq war was based on Bush administration lies.


Well, I am sorry to having been rude to Latinos and maybe other tribes as I had been with Latinas at my side for many years.
But I stand my ground. A stranger should not be able to enter a nation without the acknoledgment of the resident tribe, let alone without proper initialization procedure (e.g. first application, then entering legally, then learning to love the nation/tribe, then a ritual like circumcision or a ritual dance or pledging allegiance), LET ALONE a mass invasion sponsored by the likes of Soros.





Liberals: Twist the Truth in pictures.