Trump had this fool figured out.

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That doesn’t look like the Queen to me but it’s irrelevant. What do you see here?

Who do you think it is, Michele? A crisis actor?

I don’t know. It was just an observation. I think the jubilee lighting is interesting, though. What kind of message do you think that sends out to the world?



:joy:. That’s funny.

Are you related? You favor Trudeau.


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Hi Ben. It must suck for you to see Trump doing so badly. I see your source for this “fact” is named “bull”. How appropriate. Happy New Year.

I agree. Politicians should have to show their tax returns every year.

It must suck for you to see Trudeau illegally profiting from your taxes.

Canadians better start opening their eyes to the truth of where they are heading.

What a lot of nonsense from beginning to end. “If those protests are used to demand change, then no”. Horse excrement. Don’t block streets and bridges and you can protest all day long here. And people do. And most of us laugh at them.