No pipeline for Alberta, who has a decimated economy. There is talk of Alberta joining the USA as a state. Trudeau’s hyper-leftist climate control policies have turned the people of Alberta away and many are joining them.

I’m not sure we, in the USA, want them. They could be too indoctrinated and used to socialism. I might be for trading Californians for them though.

I resolved not to respond to this blowhard, but I feel the need to point out that almost every “fact” he just quoted about my country is wrong. The latest is that the Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to the BC coast has been approved and has cleared all court hurdles. Trudeau not only didn’t block the pipeline, he actively worked to get it passed, even including having the Federal Government buy it outright when the company threatened to pull out. This seriously pissed off a lot of people who oppose the pipeline, including me, but to imply that Trudeau was somehow in Alberta’s way on this is just woefully ignorant. As usual.

Ok, now that I’ve done my bit to clear up those facts about my country, I won’t bother responding to this low-iq cancer (I hope you’re reading, Nico) in the Trump thread. I have better things to do, like surfing gadgets on Amazon.

If you are interested in the subject of Alberta becoming a state, please see Facebook group 51st State. There are about 1600 members, mostly Canadian, who all feel that Alberta should secede from Canada, and join the US. Here is the link:

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nods i saw, my deluded dutch brother and it saddens me to see another one of your little hissyfits, but iam not surprised since its in your nature to want to control everything and everyone
it must frustrate you terribly when you are confronted with your own limits and cant even control yourself…

perhaps next time you can do some breathing exercises and surf for your amazon gadgets before that frustration climaxes;)

You know what’s even worse, Nico? Several hours later, after all the irritation has subsided and I feel no anger at all, nor any emotion, really, I still consider this person to be a human cancer.

at least you find it even worse;)

I joined the FB page. I had no idea there were actually people in the world beyond the USA that want the same things we want.

The only problem I have with those people is that out of the same mouth one of them said, “No one in their right mind” wants to join America.
As if they would have to hold their nose and make a sacrifice.

I don’t think we should have a 51st state. I am not against trading the Left for Canada’s Right.

There is an easier way to solve that problem.

The world should build pipelines where the people want oil and they should cut all fossil fuel products from states that are against it. There’s really no need to force toxic oilfield fumes on people who are so adamant about the effects of climate change.

no need to be surprised, there are weirdos everywhere, but its a fact that the bigger the country, the more weirdos are around…

you actually joined a facebook page where people say no one in their right mind wants to join america?! excellent lol

No I joined a page where people are voicing their desire to separate from Canada. Apparently, at least one believes it would stain their reputation to become American and he seemed to be speaking for the vast majority of Canadians. It was a little disappointing to read but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. The entire world looks down on the United States with envy in their hearts. It’s disgusting that people think they are so much better than we are, because as I was reading, I noticed, some of the highly educated Canadian posters weren’t really very educated, which made me wonder why they would pass judgment.

I’m not so sure it’s envy that you see.

its probably a large part of the world that looks a bit weird at your country with your current president but surely not the entire world…and i wouldnt call it envy lol

there is a simple answer to why people pass judgment upon others: its always easier to focus on others than on yourself…

I would say it’s disdain since trump took over.

Well I did say in their heart. I’m sure that makes me sound arrogant. I don’t care. People all over the world say belittling things about is all the time and yet they are lined up trying to gain access to our country, even cutting through our walls.

They must live in horrible circumstances.

I hope you are not speaking directly to me because I believe I’ve focused on myself all I’m going to.

if you think i was speaking directly to you iam not surprised you think people say belittling things about you all the time…

Would you like me to go find the proof?

I don’t feel like that happens like it used to but I have to be careful because I can step into it quickly.

Don’t treat me like I have imagined it.