we need a new moon race
or maybe a four-minute mile
i’m not sure
they both taste like chicken
we need a poll

Colin Powell Punches Deaf Girlfriend
world reacts with horror

why doesn’t he ask canada?
they have smart people
i’ve heard

He did ask Canada to “close the sky” and I believe Canada is doing their part. There are at least 100 businesses selling off their investments in Russia. Apparently, a lot of CEO’s need to hide what nasty thing the US is hiding in Ukraine because if Ukraine falls (if you listen to Zelensky) mentally corrupted politicians and CEO’s will fall, too. In a nutshell, it seems a lot of men will be exposed for participating in nefarious deeds if they don’t stop Russia.


This fool is totally washed up.

You are aware there’s a war going on, yes? European leaders are a bit busy these days.

Trudeau just signed a deal with the NDP to stay in power until at least 2025. I’d be surprised if he didn’t get reelected then. He might just outlast his father (who did 15 years if memory serves).

What a lame excuse! LOL

Put a fork in your crush, he is finished.

The Canadians are about to be totally screwed, they’re just too dumb to know it yet…

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Excellent move. Thank you for posting this, Ben.

“This is about freedom. People should be free to go to the supermarket, their school, or their place of worship without fear. These people should be free to go to the park or to a birthday party without worrying about what might happen from a stray bullet.” ~Justin Trudeau

Amen. Stick your guns up your ass. Preferably loaded and cocked.

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Exactly like mindless obedient sheep being lead to the slaughter, fools that are okay with being ruled by their masters against their wills and left without recourse. Just don’t come crying to us to solve your problems when the reality hits that you are no longer free.

P.S. Notice in the pic above all the obedient dumbasses still wearing their masks as told while their leader, that Reg has a crush on, exhibits his privileged status. So obviously telling…

Almost nobody wears masks here anymore, Ben. I was just noting that at lunch today. Covid has been forgotten almost completely.

This is true. My booster was in October. I’m guessing it is meaningless at this point, but despite being a hospital worker, no 2nd booster.

I believe that pic was taken 2 days ago, Reg, - and I doubt it was a coincidence that every person, except Trudeau was “still” wearing a mask.

You should start learning to do what you’re told and shut up, Reg, because that is what is coming your country’s way.

I have to shut up, it’s true. I have many opinions that would get me cancelled in Canada. You have to shut up, too. People get cancelled in the USA just as easily as we get cancelled in Canada. Perhaps even more easily. At least I won’t be shot up as I shut up.

See here is the difference, in the USA if liberal punks try to cancel us for free speech we push back.

No, I don’t live in Canada and those in the USA don’t have to bow down to tyranny, that’s what we have the 2nd Amendment for.

Those attempting to cancel in the USA are finding out they can be replaced. This will be very evident in November. The Canadians are simply bending over and saying “don’t hurt me” to their rulers.

You wouldn’t likely be shot for not shutting up but you might get shot for forcefully trying to shut others up. Canadians need to learn how to man up and stay off their knees.

What a lot of chest thumping idiocy. The USA invented cancel culture. We’re just along for the ride.