Canada’s free speech is fading fast under Trudeau’s communist leadership.

I actually agree with you, Ben. On both issues.

Would you please stop attacking Canada. Peterson can’t offer educated council to the mentally unstable for $125.00 an hour if he doesn’t pay twice that for unsolicited council of higher superiority. Besides, Canada needs to focus on the excessive amount of milk they need to dump.

Oh sorry, I’ll try, since the Canadians are starting to realize what they are getting into with Trudeau’s regime.

BTW, I’m getting a kick out of Peterson’s readiness to be “schooled” by these woke liberal radicals:

I agree with Peterson. This “reeducation” nonsense is Orwellian.

I doubt what Canadians think matters to Trudeau.

Yeah, they don’t care about secrecy. They are making an example of him for everyone to see.

What’s wrong with you, Reg? Trudeau is promoting education. Since when are you against anyone learning something about themselves and proper behavior in society?

I find Jordan Peterson irritating but he makes some good points and has the right to speak.

Yeah, but he doesn’t have the right to blockade your economy, or your democracy, or your fellow citizens’ daily lives.

His comments were unprofessional, embarrassing, threatening, abusive and harassing.

He does look a little strung out.