I had to Google what you were talking about so no, I didn’t feel it. I’m terrible at that anyway. Even in Vancouver where earthquakes are common, I never feel them.


I’m having minor drama with my landlord here. I agreed to pay him $500/mo for a year plus a damage deposit. Call it $7000 US. We negotiated the lease by email and I agreed to pay it all up front. I agreed to meet him yesterday at his office where he had agreed to have the contract ready and the plan was we’d go to a notary together and sign it which is the way to do it here. I show up, the contract isn’t printed, he allegedly has no time to go to a notary, but he wants the cash. I said no contract, no cash and he got mad and said I don’t trust him (which is true). He then said he’d do it this morning. Morning is almost over and there’s no sign of him. I hope this doesn’t turn ugly.


I wouldn’t have given him 7000 in cash either. My guess is it will all turn out well. Guy is going to want to get paid, so he kind of has to do it eventually.

I’m doing my taxes today. I had original builder out to fix cracks in walls and damaged wood underneath rugs. It was mostly good. I thought they were going to fix slabs behind the wall, but all they did was do exterior work, which I could have done. I coudln’t have done the work on the wood below the rug though, so I guess it’s good they came.

I think I am getting 3500ish back in taxes, which is lower than I was hoping, but better than most. I have never paid this much interest, lol. So nothiing to compare it too. I got 3500 back last year and only owed 100000 on my loan 13 years into it, so considering how much more interest, I paid, I’m surprised it was not more. Not too bad though. I’ve never gotten more than 3500 back. Might get a hot tub. We shall see.


Are you living in the apartment now?


Yes. That’s quite common here, as weird as it seems to everyone from the west including me.

Edited to add: 2:30 now and still no word from the guy.


Almost everyone I know has had a hot tub at some point and all have stopped using them. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. It just means it probably won’t be regularly used over time.


I guess he doesnt like money. Id be thrilled if someone paid me 7000 dollars as opposed to zero dollars for a vacant apartment.


It’s totally clear to me that if I had agreed to pay him without a lease, I would never, ever have gotten that lease and I would be at his mercy. He is obviously trying to hide this income.


Someone should tell him he can either write a contract or get zero dollars. Amazing that anybody would give him 7000 dollars without a contract.


A day later and still nothing from this idiot. I will give it until Monday and then call him. My guess is this is heading to the lawyers.


I don’t know what you would have to fear from the lawyers. You have no contract with him. I suppose he could kick you out. Better out than in with no contract.


I expressed that badly. I will talk to lawyers if he doesn’t sign by Monday. There’s almost no chance he will do so. He’s trying to hide money. He likely wants as few eyes on this as possible.


I see now. Good call.


You know the strangest thing about Colombia is that every grocery store sells motorcycles. Right beside the bread and vegetables.


My cousin is in medellin. She just took a big cable up a mountain. A great idea. She barely had to walk.


Those cable cars are the current pom! lol. They take people from the valley to the comunas which are mountain communities.
Here’s a video I took on a trip here a year ago. Comuna 13 is full of art and culture. Most of the others are ugly up close.


What a great idea.


He gave in and signed. I paid. Peace for another year.


I hope so. The guy sounds like a dick. Hope he doesn’t try something.


Actually you make a good point. Still, I now have a signed, notarized lease and proof of payment. He’d be in bad shape if he tried anything.