I’m on the road. Heading to Toronto for a week, then to South America. Will be sporadic until I get to the Andes in about a week.

Do you live in a city in Columbia or perhaps a small hut in the mountains?

I live here.

Stuck on the tarmac waiting out storms in Tampa Bay, Florida. Four hours so far. At least one hour more before we take off and then I’ll be stuck in Panama, having long since missed my connecting flight to Bogotá. Just not a good day.

Still stuck in Panama. I begin to wonder if I’ll ever get to the Andes.

Isn’t Panama right next to Colombia? Good luck.

I know you are anxious to get back to your llama. Safe travels.

I’m here! I haven’t been so happy to be somewhere for a long time. Now for some diet coke, some sleep, and some return to regular life. I am sitting in my own chair at my own computer and feeling great. Should be more regular here now.

I made it. Unpleasant travels are forgotten. Home is defined for me by Colombian roses these days.

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It’s truly amazing how the beauty of Gods creation can make one forget all his troubles, even if for just a moment. Don’t you agree, Reg?
:bouquet: :bouquet:

I do!

Dessert in the Andes.

crema catalana estilo colombiano?

And You dare to criticize Mark’s and my foods as unhealthy.

Ok ok, du hast recht. It was delicious, though, and I don’t do it very often.

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Hey, Reg. Is horchata popular in Colombia? Apparently, it originated in Spain, but Mexico and el Salvador seem to be the most obsessed with it now and the traditional horchata communities seem to be just as snobby as the traditional neapolitan pizza communities. It’s now down to 10C in new England, so it’s a bit cold for horchata season. I’m surprised I like it. I don’t always like sweet stuff but it reminds me a mild chai tea. I bet if I drank it warm with no ice, the horchata community would think I was going to hell.

It’s not popular but it’s not unheard of either. I’ve never tried it but might now that you’ve told me about it. I love chai but I seem to gain a pound every time I have one.

Colombians really aren’t into food like Americans and Canadians. I mean, everyone likes good food but they don’t obsess over it like our cultures do and they are not sophisticated food-preparers like the Japanese. The thing they do amazingly well is keep the portions down to correct levels whereas in our countries ordering lunch gets you enough food for two days.

Walking around La Candelaria in Bogotá on a cold, dark and rainy Sunday.

Click this link to see the rest of the photos if you care.

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Heading back to Canada tonight. Really not looking forward to it. I am going to try to change my life around so I won’t have to do this much longer.

Señor Carlos (the street vendor we buy from) had a lot of sunflowers this week so the house in Mosquera is full of them. I will miss this place.

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Pretty skies above Kingston, Jamaica.


This was not good for you. Are you somehow going to make yourself more desirable to the same younger female? If it was me I would be content and resign myself to solitude until my very nearing death.