Yes, that’s why I posted. We pay too much to get too little.


$500 for 3 bedroom apt? We live in different worlds.


Well, I live in both worlds. In Vancouver, this apartment would go for about $3000/mo USD.

The thing that surprised me the most was the quality of the facilities. Two pools, one of which is is a full 25m with several lanes like a competition pool, tennis courts, saunas, a gym that rivals paid membership gyms, and a huge clubhouse that I plan to try working from. I’m hoping every day will feel like I’m on vacation.

If that actually turns out to be true, I might buy in that complex. If not, I’ll probably move on next year.


Are you done with Vancouver?


No, although I wish I was. I may rent out my place in Vancouver when I return to Canada. I just want to live in South America for a few years.


What do you do for health insurance in Colombia?


I have Santias EPS which is the best government health plan and it rivals Canadian health care. It costs us about $100/month for both of us. If you have a small amount of money, you can deal with any other things that come along. For example, I jumped the line a few months ago when Isa had a pain in her hip by paying $100 for a series of X-rays and ultrasounds. Western-class care is available for cheap.

Dental care is not covered but I just pay it as needed because it’s so cheap. I go to an excellent, super-professional dental clinic in Canada that just feels world class in every way. In my tiny village in Colombia, the office isn’t as super-rich-looking but it was still very nice. Far more importantly, though, the equipment is far better than in Canada and I got to watch a huge TV screen live showing a closeup of my teeth as they cleaned them. The girl (who had learned English in Malta) told me that the Canadians hadn’t done a very good job, showed me where the problem was on the live TV, and said I should let her do an ultrasonic cleaning (whatever the hell that is). I said ok, she did it, showed me again on the live TV how it was all good now, and then charged me $100. lol. In Canada, the inferior cleaning she fixed cost $250.


Nice. I hope we can get Medicare for all some day.


Moving day. I’ll be spotty for a few days.



Ugh. I hate moving.


God, me too.