Geez! Another restaurant failed to measure up to your standards? If you wanted a perfect meal you should have made reservations at the Red Heifer Steakhouse in Israel on Passover.

My wife’s knee is not good so we are going to Florida for Easter. I changed the tickets. Fine with me. It’s cheaper to fly then. We will only be there for 3 days.

I overATE, Michele. It was not overRATED

I’m back but Isa and I are both as sick as dogs. It’s just a cold. We’ll be fine in a few days or maybe a week. Unpleasant.

Well, that’s over with now.

Just got back from Florida. Landed at 3 am, due to delays. That wasn’t Florida’s fault. If you ever want to experience how screwed Florida is, you could go to either a hospital or airport in southeastern Florida to experience the inefficiency of the workstaff.

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I’m pretty sure you were just making an example but were you in the hospital there?

I was indeed making an example, but I know multiple people that have moved there. One is a lab manager, but she is probably a phleb manager. The other is a teacher. They are both very dumb. My inlaws live their 3 months of the year. Neither goes to the doctor. The entire state is inefficient. Restaurants and coffee shops are inefficient. My inlaws are getting their roof in their condo replaced. The insurance is insane. There are only 2 insurance companies they can use and one said no, so the other is gouging.

Florida is not my thing and has never been my thing. That said, I like that they’re clamping down on squatters. It’s one of the few things I agree with DeSantis on.

Agreed. I think it is also more difficult to sue your insurance company. Or it will be. That has pros and cons. I would say it is usually a good thing, but the quality of the workers in florida is so pathetic, it might not be a good thing. They are probably late to do that. Insurance rates have gone up x3 on homes in the last 5 years.

Isa and I drove to the US today for no real reason. Actually, the reason was to test her US visa. We just wanted to make sure it was ok before we take our next trip which requires a US stopover.

Blaine is looking a bit depressed with a lot of closed storefronts, but it is still very pretty and the ocean never gets old there. Unlike BC where every centimeter of waterfront is super-developed, Blaine still shows you the shoreline as it was before humans poured concrete all over it. Bellingham looks about the same as it did in the 80s. We didn’t bother going to Seattle, mostly because everyone we talked to told us it was full of homeless people these days.

The US is still ahead of us in some areas of consumer tech. We went to the Olive Garden, which was awful, but we were able to pay our bill without talking to the waiter. There was a little electronic thing on the table with a “Pay” button on it. I tapped that and it showed me our correct bill and let me complete the transaction and tip the waiter, all without him being there. In Canada, the waiter still needs to bring you the paper bill and the little machine. This US system is much better.

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Olive Garden gets a 3/10 and I’m being generous. The food is 2.5/10 but it is cheap and the soup is not as bad as their entrees. We do have some of those kiosks at chains. Helps the server too.

Isa and I truly felt bloated after that Olive Garden meal. It was our own fault. There was a pretty oyster bar in Blaine with a sign saying they catch their oysters daily, but we didn’t want to eat at the first place we saw so we drove to Bellingham and that town is just totally ordinary. Olive Garden is high end for Bellingham. I didn’t find it that cheap, though. $65 for two entrees, one diet coke, no desserts or booze. That’s higher than I would pay in Canada at a family restaurant.

That seems like for olive garden, but I probably go once every 3 years.

You come across as an Elitist sickened by the disgusting taste of salad and price for protein that your party is consistently plotting to remove from your plate.

Oh what a lot of nonsense. Dan was exactly right. The soup was pretty good. The entrees were awful. Edible but awful. They also made us both feel awful for a solid 12 hours after eating them, which makes me wonder what nasty preservatives were in them.

I should’ve just stopped at that pretty oyster bar right on the ocean in Blaine. I bet we could’ve eaten a superb meal there for $65. Sometimes the first thing you see is the best you’re going to get.

Dan was wrong and so are you. Olive Garden’s food tastes really well, but you are right, every bite has been injected with preservatives. I’ve only ever ate chicken Alfredo but the food is better than fast food for almost the same price. Stop complaining. You could be eating Cicada’s this time next year.

Been there. Always hoping the choices will improve at the next stop.

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Interesting. Olive Garden sucks.

Some friends went to Japan for 2 weeks. I’m dogsitting their insane dog. I started today. I go over at 530 am for 20 minutes and 5 pm for an hour. He is 12 years old but very poorly behaved. It usually takes me a minute to get the leash on. They live 10 minutes away. My job is to just keep him alive. I’m the only one left that hasn’t said no.

That testifies to your poor judgment.

Or perhaps to his kindness. You’re being quite the witch today, Michele.