I don’t know anything about her addiction but you said it. Their business!


To me, the solution is clear. Be hungry. Get used to the feeling and always experience it before eating. If you do that, you will usually lose weight. It’s this eating when you’re not hungry crap that makes people get hungry faster and then makes them obese.


I guess I should add, when hungry, eat until you’re not hungry, not until you can’t walk. lol.


I think Benjamin Franklin said that.


I’m not going to argue your point, Reg. Hunger is a driving force in life. And obviously, no one should ever eat when not hungry. It is emotional eating and will make a person gain weight consistently.
But I disagree in that I believe hunger pangs is the underlying issue that causes one to eat and they are caused by consuming sugar and foods that turn to sugar, that have no nutritional value, that poisons the body, that leaves one unsatisfied and hungry again quickly. It’s cancer to the body and should be resisted.
Fasting can both cleanse the body and bring into sharp focus all that triggers hunger pangs. That is, if one can get past that initial gnawing, nauseating feeling and a mental breakdown as the mind struggles in a battle with wil power.


Thanks again for the sound advise.
I guess I should add, put your fork down between bites. :woozy_face:


Everyone is different. Hunger pangs may be the trigger for you. They aren’t for me. When I have been fat (several times in my life) it’s been because I ate when I wasn’t hungry. I ate just because I wanted to and it felt good. Again, that may not be anyone else’s problem but it was mine.


I’m home from the big event. The young couple are now man and wife. I wish them both the best.


Welcome back from the BIG event.

Angie had the flight from Hell coming home from San Francisco. Plane took off, something didn’t feel right when they tried to retract the gear so they circled close to SFO for 2 an 1/2 hours dumping fuel into the Pacific. Landed safely. Wait several more Hours till they could get a crew together. Arrived 12 hours after she was supposed to. She had a really great map of them circling off of SFO but I think they took it down. Here’s the flight log.


Holy excrement. In all my travels, that type of thing has never happened to me.


That must have been both terrifying and exhausting for your wife, Will. I bet she was a bundle of nerves wishing you there should the plane crash. You know, to absorb the impact. :relieved:


You are so thoughtful.


Actually I learned they didn’t dump fuel, they just flew around in circles and burned it off.


:joy: Sorry! Just a minute! :joy::joy::joy:


Ummm…:joy::joy::joy::joy:sorry. Hold on!:joy::joy::joy:


I’m sorry, Will! There are just some things I can’t let you get away with. You understand, right! :grimacing:


Ok I’m sorry, Will. I’m not laughing at you. I just smoked and some things are just a funny right now. I’ll try to be more sensitive to your stories should another one be told.


No more stories for you. You made me cry.


Yay! Let’s celebr…wait. Crying is a heart-felt emotion. You must be teasing me! That’s ok!! 2019 is a new year and I have 5 months worth of posts to use. I AM certain one or a combination of them will make you weep like a baby. And I do look forward to it.
Happy New Year, Will!


I’m sure my tears will fall like rain. Happy New Year Michele!