I think that’s gross but nothing to get upset over.

Just another way to make a mockery of women only under the guise of empowering women, which it doesn’t do. I honestly think they’ve gone so far they can’t reverse course.

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I agree 100%. Just remember, the demographic most supportive of this insanity is straight women. You really have no one to blame but yourselves.

Yeah, that’s probably true. We do birth the little darlings,

The law is perfectly clear: you cannot discriminate against a person because of their gender identity. Acknowledging that law will not lead to intrusive and invasive questioning.

She should stick to good work like prosecuting Trump.

How respectful to Christians everywhere, Joe.

You’re right, Reg. Joe has done a respectful thing. Christians are just too stupid to see it for what it really is, even while they spew forth their hatred for what he’s done. This isn’t the Resurrection of Christ and we shouldn’t be celebrating it today, anyway. Christ died on Passover and rose again on the Feast of Unleavened Bread, which this year is on April 23. If nothing else, Joe has helped some of us see the truth.

I googled. April 23 was Jewish Passover. Is that you’re on about?

Anyway, today is trans day now in what’s left of Joe’s mind.

On about? I’m not on about anything. I’m just saying that it’s not important to me and it shouldn’t matter to anyone else if Joe wants to declare Easter Sunday as trans day. It’s my hope that eventually only trans are going to observe it, anyway. For Christian’s to call it blasphemous is actually embarrassing to people who know Christ was not raised up on the pagan holiday, Easter Sunday. I have a lot to learn about the days of Feasts and I’m hoping this thing Joe has done will place more light on the truth of these pagan celebrations that we have been deceived into participating in.

What’s left of Joes mind? You mean besides the proverbial bolt and two screws?

We have to retrain our mind.

Michele, that guy talks like a hick. You shouldn’t listen to him.

I talk like a hick and you listen to me but whatever.

Jonathon Cahn is an anointed Jewish Christian.

Last night I couldn’t understand what I was missing here but this morning I thought I needed to clarify that Passover begins on the 15th day of Nissan, which this year falls on April 8. The day of the eclipse that no one is paying attention to. Ending on the 22nd, which I believe will be the day israel sacrifices the red heifer in preparation to build the 3rd Temple, where the Dome of the Rock sits.

The day is March 31st. It has nothing to do with Easter. It will be March 31st, Monday next year. It is an international day. I don’t think biden picked the date.

It’s also a good day to buy a car. Unfortunately, I was out of state.

After I posted that I did read that Biden didn’t have anything to do with it and I’m going to stop blaming him for everything, although I may continue to declare him ignorant, stupid, retarded, dumb, low iq’d, idiotic, perverted, depraved, perverse, immoral, amoral, unethical, unscrupulous and sick individual.

Good luck with that. Hope you find a good one.


What a wonderful world.

A trans man (a person who was identified as a woman at birth) tried their hand at pro boxing. It didn’t go so well. It took 21 seconds for a man (who was identified as a man at birth) to score a knockout.