Well now. I will say that I agree with Martina who doesn’t want to play against a former man/partial man but I don’t know why you had to go to Russian media for a British news story which makes me skeptical. Are you just stirring the pot?

Additionally, I think a man who has transistioned to a woman should have to prove she has no dick. Some trans women still have dicks (to my understanding).

I believe women tennis players should be required to expose their genitals to the crowd before play starts.

Nope. I just like RT. Here’s the story from various other sources.

So, I’m interested a bit in this case. This guy was fired for saying he would not “call any 6ft tall bearded man madam”. I can’t imagine calling one that, either, but I might anyway if he asked politely. It’s just not a big issue to me, although I’d feel ridiculous doing it and I might slip a few times.

My question is simply, would you? If he asked politely, “please use female pronouns for me”?

“the judge ruled his beliefs were “incompatible with human dignity.”

I probably would accommodate his wishes. Just because I’m nice that way.
Do you think his (Christian) belief is incompatible with human dignity?

No, I think refusing to call someone by an unconventional pronoun is (slightly) rude but I don’t think anyone should lose their job over it in most cases. Perhaps if they’re working for a Trans rights organization and they refuse to do that, firing might be reasonable, but not in most cases.

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I agree. What’s different between this and the case where the baker refused to make a cake for a gay couple because of personal conviction?

There are differences, but you appear not to recall that I believe the baker should have the right to refuse to make a custom cake because of his religious beliefs. If the cakes are pre-made and on the shelf for sale, I don’t believe the bakery should have the right to refuse to sell one of the pre-made cakes to a gay person, but if it’s a custom job I believe anyone should have the right to refuse for any reason.

Where I’m really torn is whether restaurants should have the right to refuse to serve Sarah Sanders or OJ Simpson (both of which actually happened in the real world). The food they make isn’t really custom. It’s on the menu and available for sale. If you can refuse to serve Trump supporters, can you refuse to serve liberals, or blacks, or Jews? On the other hand, I would hate to have to serve either Sarah Sanders or OJ Simpson if I worked at one of those restaurants. As I said, I’m torn.

I think people have the right to do that here. I don’t really know what the law is (maybe there is some limitations or exceptions like if it’s because of race)but I’ve seen the sign, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”

The only people who are going to consistently lose rights are Christians. You’re safe.

What is a typical day like for a diabetic.

It wasn’t a trick question. I’m going to prison tomorrow so I better go to bed. Night, Reg!

I wake up around 8 am. I never set an alarm. That’s around when I wake up, generally, although it can range from 6 am to about 10 am. I usually have two coffees and check my blood sugar after the second one. It’s almost always fine. I don’t eat breakfast. I don’t care if people say I should.

I eat lunch around noon or 1 pm. About four times a week, we eat out for lunch. Three times (ish) a week I’ll make it at home. If we eat out, it’s often at a vegetarian Hare Krishna place called Govinda’s that I love. Here’s an example of their food. If I eat out, I need insulin after and inject it wherever I happen to be, including right at my table if I’m at a restaurant. Nobody cares.

If we eat at home, it’s often steamed seafood with fruit. Fresh salmon if I can find it. Here’s an example of something I made a few days ago. Soy shrimp with blueberries, bananas, melons and gooseberries. I cook and Isa cleans up, but I am a super clean cook so there’s very little cleanup after aside from putting the dishes in the dishwasher. If I cook, I almost never need insulin.

I then usually get some work done in the afternoon, if I feel like it. If not I just surf the net. Later we’ll usually go for a walk or play pool or ping pong. She’ll go swimming a few times a week and I can’t join because of my post surgery wound. Hopefully in a few more months I will be able to swim, too. At night, we’ll have a similar meal at home, but smaller. I’ll eat a banana or two later in the evening. I always check my blood sugar about 30 min after every meal. Again, unless I cheat (which I do about twice a week), I won’t need insulin. If I do, it’s usually not much.

That’s it. A totally unremarkable life, not made more remarkable by my disease.

Have fun. Chat when you get out.

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Why are you going to prison Michele?

I’m going to visit my nephew.

Sorry about last night, Reg. I was not expecting such openness out of you. I even imagined you squirming and searching for an excuse to change the subject.

Also, I’ve never paired protein with fruit. I like it. Maybe I’ll try it next week.
And you cook? I thought you probably called your food in and had it delivered.

I used to eat every meal out. I got fat. Unlike most in Canada, I didn’t just say “Ok I’m fat now” and keep doing that. I changed and it worked. I am not fat.

I love protein and fruit together. I was born in Malaysia and they do it a lot out there.

They could use that as a motto on their flag.

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