I’m sorry. I have to retract that because I was just mouthing off. That’s not true at all. His love for you goes so deep it is unfathomable.

Would you ban the sacrilegious performance, Michele?

No, Reg, I wouldn’t but I know you would because you think your own personal opinion is greater their their right to express their “sacrilegious” belief, which is telling of your pretentious belief about Jesus.


Would you ban Jesus’ Word?

Ahahaha!! I wouldn’t either but I can see you don’t want to talk about it.

Michele, I was sleeping. You should try it. I don’t care much about people’s free speech, true, but yet I find myself almost always defending it when pressed. Not always, but almost always.

No, thank you. I try not to sleep during the day. It makes me cranky.

Oh, I see…so you would compromise your belief that vulgar dancing on a cross that depicts Jesus dying for you is sacrilegious if it infringed on the right to free expression?


Minor quibble: I consider it disgusting, not sacrilegious, but that’s a detail of no materiality.

Yeah, I would call it insulting and cold and offensive.

I called it sacrilegious in that context because I was talking to you and I knew you would consider it sacrilegious. I don’t share the same values so to me it’s just gross, disgusting and vulgar. To others (Nico) it is likely delightful and Dutch.

Oh, I had no idea you had any. I would love to hear all about it.

You already have. Luke 6:31

it does nothing for me

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

ah the famous (but in my view silly and egotistical) “golden” rule that gunda also believes in…
it is appropriately named since some people enjoy being urinated upon and that line basically gives those people the ok to go around and piss on everyone

I agree with people urinating on Nico.

i dont agree with your silly rule so i wont get the golden showers (you will)

And I did but you ignore or skirt around all my questions.

Luke 6:31 is not the golden rule Gunda believes in. It is Matthew 22: 36-40 but you are right. Those who reject God’s Word go around pissing on everyone.

Also this.

Public toilets? Do they exist?

I noticed a lot of Dutch people just pee wherever they can. There are just no public toilets anywhere. I have been told that public urination is illegal and you can get fined, but it doesn’t seem bother all of these guys who daily pee in front of my building. I informed my local Gementee but they just do not care. I have never seen any of these people get fined (and I have seen at least 1000 of them this year). This is a daily occurance, in front of kids, few meters away from people chilling on a bench eating food. It doesnt seem like it bothers anyone. But whats important is that there are just no public toilets anywhere I go. If I visit different city I have to visit McDonalds and order some food just so I can use their nasty toilet. Is there something I dont know? Is public urination in fact legal? Should I just freely pee on the street? What if I have to go for Number 2? Thank you very much for all of your responses in advance This situation is just mind-boggling for me

EDIT: Is there anything I can do to stop people from showing me their genitals? If they just drop their pants in front of me and I am with kids , can I at least record them and report them to police?

I heard that video recording in public is also illegal😅

I would say I see someone urinating in public at least five times a month. Typically in broad daylight, in a heavily trafficked street in the city.

The lack of toilets is beyond me, I was actually surprised to read this thread and find out it’s illegal since it’s so common.

One lovely sunday the past spring I was walking in the maastricht park and what seemed to be a very well dressed senior lady did not even bother to find a bush. She pulled down her panties in the middle of the park and went peepee standing up. The park was not empty. Hard for me to paint the picture that somehow scarred me.

no public toilets available and people showing their genitals and peeing in public?! lol@reddit fiction

cant say i ever had this kind of experience but i guess that could happen to someone who is a drunk/high tourist in amsterdam and they cant find another bar where they can urinate and they view all the public bathrooms as some kind of weird dutch art? lol

as indicated by some of the other comments there are toilets available in almost every commercial establishment (you might have to pay a euro to access them) and there are even apps to guide you to them…

i understand this is probably lost on intoxicated canadian tourists who experience their own reality and believe its ok to urinate on people and are used to pee freely in public after drinking their booze and watching their weird fake hockeygames :wink:

That’s nothing. Prepare to be disgusted.