The Taliban

lol i have 3 mobile phones and they all have one?.. but i admit i havent used them very often :wink:

You mean you admit you have never used them, and you are terrified of being caught and fined. Stupid pretender.

no if i meant that then i would say so, but believe what you want lol

Have you ever used your alleged fake vaccine passport to enter a venue where vaccine passports were required, Nico? And did you have the QR code scanned?

my name is thinkingaboutit and yes if you read my previous post you should know that already :wink:

Not very often could mean never. Anyway, let’s be clear. Someone scanned your fake passport, recorded the QR code, and asked you for ID, and you got through all that with your fake passport?

since when can not very often mean never? lol
uhm no, there is no requirement to show your id to anyone besides the police when they have a proper reason or if you want to buy alcohol and they suspect you are underage…

Ah, interesting. Here you must show photo ID along with your passport, to make sure the passport matches your ID. Anyway, I still assume you are lying. You are Dutch and lying is part of your genetic sequencing.

Ah yes, I see you ARE lying, Nico. I knew you would. You are such a pretender. lol.

lol sure everyone can always ask for everything, but unless they can prove to you they are from the police and can give you a valid reason you can tell them no thank you

of course they can not let you into their private establishment or escort you out but somehow that never happens lol

right click on “HISTORY”

Junk news? You told me not to click on you. Make up your mind.

The Taliban just banned poppy/heroin farming, something the Americans and their puppets never did. In fact, the last time poppy cultivation was down significantly was under the last Taliban government in 2001. This fact should give Americans chills. It won’t, but it should.


I’m traveling home so I haven’t been able to read this article but my uneducated guess is probably not. They would probably betray their mothers, given time.

Your uneducated guess is 100% correct.