The Taliban

We have a thread for the failed war in Afghanistan. That war is now over. I am making a new thread about the new regime in that nation, and what they’re going to do now that they’re in power.

So, a woman from New Zealand gets pregnant with a guy from Belgium. The EU won’t take them. New Zealand won’t take them. They apply to the Taliban for asylum and explain they’re not married and are told, “We’re happy for you, you can come and you won’t have a problem. Just tell people you’re married and if it escalates, call us. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

Interesting article. Takes safe sex to a whole new level.

It just interests me to compare the stuff we were told to fear from the Taliban vs the stuff that’s actually happening. They’re doing some bad things for sure. Women aren’t able to go to school, which is nonsense. Their policy on drug addicts is kinder and better than anything you’ll see in the western world, however, and now this pregnant woman and her spouse get turned away from New Zealand and Europe but find safe haven in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. It’s not all one way.

I’m fine with blaming that on the problematic media.

I don’t know about that.

That’s because they are all on drugs.

I admit this paints them in a much better light than what the media has portrayed them to be.

weird story, normally it shouldnt be a problem at all for them to live in belgium
perhaps the rules changed a lot because of corona or that belgian guy isnt the father?

reggie clicked on an article
he knows all about the taliban

war by sebastian junger
where men win glory by jonathon krakauer
charlie wilson’s war by george crile
i know that after the russians destroyed the agricultural infrastructure in afghanistan, farmers there grew mostly poppies because you can water them once a week.
i’m sure they have a lenient attitude towards drugs
say no to drugs, but say yes to flower oil

imagine al capone minus the fedora but plus a black turban

This isn’t true. The last time Afghanistan was generally free of drugs was under the Taliban twenty years ago. Heroin production began again after the US invaded. The Taliban has, admittedly, benefited from heroin money over the last several years but they’re already doing more to control it than any of our countries have ever done.

Most muslims seem pretty healthy.

I wonder if they will ever treat their women decent. Will probably take a long time.

Of course they will, just as Christians learned to. As soon as Muslims start totally ignoring the rules and scriptures of their religions as Christians ignore theirs, Muslim women stand a chance of being treated well.

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Weird theory. Why would he be following her to other countries if he’s not the father, unless he’s smuggling drugs or some such nonsense.

Muslim mafia?

That’s believable since I’ve already learned that the Bush administration created safe passage of drugs through drilling platforms in the ocean.

Not likely. Will probably take forever.

What’s there to ignore? There are only two rules.

worse, he is a photographer/journalist

Awesome. Maybe he will write a book with pictures of his harrowing experience.

See! When Muslims start to ignore 99.999% of their book and pretend there are only two rules, their women will be fine.

Pretend? But there are only two rules so what are you talking about?

Michele, there’s only one rule as far as I’m concerned. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s it. None of the sky fairy nonsense matters at all.

in my opinion thats the most selfish and narrowminded rule ever
some people enjoy being urinated upon (thats why they call it the golden rule)
no thank you! :wink: