The Taliban

Yes, Nico, the Dutch know all about wanting to be urinated on. But even the filthy Dutch like to choose who urinates on them, so the rule would still apply.

the only person that i heard of that enjoys being urinated upon is a northern american called trump lol

but may you meet everyone from every country that does enjoy that and experience your precious rule over and over again lol

While Trump is very disgusting and his being urinated on by Russian prostitutes was very memorable, you shouldn’t pretend the Dutch are innocent. I know of no other country in the world that has had to implement an urban planning strategy to curb “wild peeing”.

no need to pretend, the dutch are far from innocent

then you didnt read the article, apparently they are in several belgian cities as well

greenpees! what a great name! and lol@tricking them to pee in actual toilets
i think its a brilliant idea that should be implemented in all cities that have issues with drunk visiting foreigners that want to urinate in the streets! :wink:

The Netherlands and Belgium are the same thing. The wicked Belgians even have a famous fountain statute of some guy peeing. Stupid golden-showers-obsessed Euroweirdos.

lol yes

Who died and made that phrase the Golden Rule?

Then why did you bring it up?

thou shalt not suffer a witch to live

people with urolagnia

That reply deserves 88 minutes in BBad jail. Nasty!

why? they just like to be urinated upon and people that follow the golden rule want those people to do that to them lol

to each their own :wink:

You may be right, thinkingaboutit. Can the Dutch count on you this year to take one for the team and submit to a Chinese covid test?


I guess you can go back to urinating on the rule.

He claimed recently to have not worn a mask. I assume he’s lying. If not, I take pleasure in thinking what a dysfunctional and anti-social life he must lead.

I’ve heard that before. I support his right to breath freely.

You mean, as opposed to a prisoner of the mask?

correct, still no masks and no covid shots


I assume the Catholic Church imposed this term to encourage carbohydrate consumption? Guessing.

Wonderful! Your life must be interesting these days. This, of course, means no vaccine passport for you (despite your absurd and childish claims about being able to hack that before). This means in the Netherlands you can’t go to:

  • indoor and outdoor areas at establishments serving food and drinks (except for takeaway);
  • sports clubhouses (if you are aged 18 or over);
  • indoor and outdoor areas at:
    • amusement parks and zoos;
    • play and gaming venues such as casinos, indoor playgrounds and arcades;
    • saunas, spas and tanning salons;
    • recreational transport such as tour boats and party buses;
  • indoor and outdoor events with assigned seating, such as celebrations, performances and film screenings;
  • events with a continuous flow of people such as funfairs and street markets;
  • business events, such as trade shows and conferences;
  • as a spectator:
    • professional sports matches and competitions;
    • amateur sport matches and competition indoors (if you are aged 18 or over);
  • indoor sports venues, including gyms and swimming pools (if you are aged 18 or over);
  • cultural venues such as cinemas, theatres, concert halls and museums;
  • artistic and cultural activities, such as music and painting lessons and singing, dance and theatre rehearsals (if you are aged 18 or over).