THE Right!


Good. He had discipline and intelligence. Better chance of meltdown and impeachment without him.


Thank you. It gives me great comfort in knowing you are about to experience true love.


I doubt John Kelly is leaving. I’m thinking he’s just being shuffled around in the deck, only to re-emerge in a different, more suitable position.


You think? I think he hates Trump and is happy to be gone. Word is they’re not even speaking to each other.


That is what appears to be taking place publicly isn’t it? Your computer-like robotic mind fails to recognise the emotion taking place behind the scenes at the White House. Which is probably why you can’t see the devistating blow Trump is about to deliver to the Left.


True. I don’t see that. All I see is a crazy fat man waiting for the hammer to fall.


If I have my way, that’s the last vision you will see just before you take that last important breath before you meet your Maker.


Sappy? Rain drops are sappy?


And depressing!


Change it before you make me cry, Reg. It’s making me sad. :frowning:


Ok done.


That’s pretty! Who did you steal it from?


I know you didn’t take that photo yourself.


Didn’t steal it. A guy calling himself Jeff S. PhotoArt participates in Flickr’s Creative Commons, just as I do with my own photos. Anyone participating in creative commons may use the images as they please (generally non-commercially) and others may use my images.


Touching story!:hot_face:Sorry, sometimes you’re too long on wind and short on spark.:cold_face:


Yes the disturbing sound of deafening silence makes one think about what the future holds.


I used to think about the future a lot.


In my second childhood I mostly think about the past.


You think I’m kidding don’t you? It’s hard for a man to understand what he can’t see with blinded natural eyes.


It is my goal in life to help you see Truth as I know it because you have been so good to vocalize your own limp version of what you think you know about Truth.