THE Right!


Given another 8 years of a far far left leaning way and our constitution would look like our borders.


I understand your frustration over Jamal Khashoggi. I felt exactly the same way when Benghazi happened.


This was your hope for our future.


Aren’t you supposed to be selling auto parts?


Not today. It’s still thanksgiving around here.


I haven’t worked in the part store since late June and I don’t think I’m going back.


Shouldn’t you be plotting your next move?


The last one felt like check. Fortunately, I have a queen move coming.


You be sure and have a nice Sabbath rest today, Ole Man!



You must belong to some kind of demented cult.


Were customers complaining?


Why would costumers complain? They are mostly men with dirty minds.


You voted for Clinton, who has demonstrated that she is more than willing to dissolve our constitution one amendment at a time, starting with the 2nd and you accuse me of belonging to a demented cult?


Obama didn’t criticize the sermon on the mount, he suggested Americans start to live by it and he encouraged people to read their Bibles. Here are his exact words.

Or should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount - a passage that is so radical that it’s doubtful that our own Defense Department would survive its application? So before we get carried away, let’s read our bibles. Folks haven’t been reading their bibles.

Which part of that do you disagree with?


Amusing, this. You are aware that each amendment is, in fact, a dissolution of the constitution? They didn’t like what was in it so they changed it, hence the word amend or amendment. Somehow, doing that again now is heresy, however, and we should all concern ourselves with the intentions of the holy founders whose sacred words should guide us through all eternity. lol.


It’s radical!


Yes I am! Thank you for treating me Ike an idiot, Smartass!



That’s right! Investigate Trump so that the light stays firmly on him to avoid any Clinton Foundation investigation. :roll_eyes: