THE Right!


Not one of you would acknowledge any wrong-doing by Clinton when she shared classified nuclear secrets and God only knows what else on her personal phone or through one of her unsecured servers. Why are you bitching when Ivanka uses her personal phone for business when away from the White House?


I was kidding. I don’t think she should be locked up. Nor Clinton. Do you think Ivanka should be locked up?


Yes, Dan, when people commit crimes in our government, for some stupid reason, I always feel like they should be held accountable.


You think Ivanka should be locked up for this? Wow. I guess that is consistent. Maybe take her personal email away. Any damage is already done. She probably figured it wasn’t a big deal.


No, Ivanka probably shouldn’t be locked up for this. But I’m not against holding her accountable if Clinton is held accountable according to her crimes.


I think Ivanka should give Mark a blowjob.


I hope you enjoyed that turkey, Will.


Do you have that picture on your wall? Does it keep you warm at night?


Do you wish it was you? Have you spent your life wishing for just a little more?


I wouldn’t lock up Ivanka for this, but I am very happy she did this so I can hopefully stop hearing about Clinton’s use of a personal email account being some kind of horrific thing worse than W killing a half million Iraqis.


The subjects are somewhat paralleled, unlike Clinton’s emails and Iraq.


Well, whatever the case may be, I do not care at all that Ivanka used a personal email account while working for the White House, even when she did so while physically in the White House. I also don’t care at all about Hillary doing the same thing. It’s a total non issue to me either way.


Of course not! Because their names aren’t Donald Trump.


Not true. Trump uses a non-secure, non-Whitehouse-issued phone to Tweet all day long from a personal Twitter account and I don’t care at all about that either.


That’s not what I was referring to but I don’t want to argue your point since it is the greatest thing I’ve heard you say in weeks.



Yessir Bossman.


That is not true! No one cares about their law as long as our president doesn’t try to convert us the way Obama did.


I just know you are sitting there saying to yourself, “Obama didn’t try to convert you.


He hired Muslims into our government and I am completely against that because their end goal is world domination. He criticized the Sermon on the Mount while claiming to be Christian. Christians don’t do that. What a liar he is!