THE Right!


It looks like trump does not want to sent any more aid to Puerto Rico. Amazing, that anybody believes he loves or even cares about America.


A Christmas present? They managed to fit his entire vocabulary on the mug.


I’m not sure he loves or even cares about California.


Lock her up.


No, Odo looks like the guy from the Self Control video.


I love Ivanka.


I guess she is a racist too. She’ll probably still win. Be funny if she doesn’t and the GOP only win 10 out of 33 senate seats.


The only experience I have with that state is with Kurt (Dammitboy!) O’Neal. Given that, I think she’ll win.


I guess we have spent 72 million dollars on troops to the border to deal with that savage caravan.

I could of used that money.


Funny, I just listened to a NYT podcast on that. It was quite brilliant. Apparently the troops are scheduled to go home on Dec 15 and the caravan is expected to arrive in January. It wasn’t an election stunt at all, though. lol.


72 million worth of stunt.


Your sex jusn’t seem to be enough for what you are trying to do Reg. You are trying to move the world by the driving force of your accumulated sexual experiences and current amount of machismo and sexuality? There is zero effect.


Is your sex supposed to be the truth that all such statements will conform and adhere to? Hmmm why isn’t it working?


Because of your superior depth of understanding of sex as well as your actual beyond superfical experiences (especially those most rectnly) have finally made you the utmost authority of truth which should resonate with your words and make your arguments infallible…

If you had a peer group it would show your were not egotistical…but to whom else would this seem so?


I know your sex does not coming STRICTLY from your food alone but also from politics. Thus being very DISCIPLINED with food one could infer most of your sex is derived from your politics and since you have the absolute most intimacy and depth of sex, your politics should be also regarded.


Have you ever had sex with a woman?


Never had sex with anyone.


You should hire a sex worker and have her give you a blowjob. It would do wonders for your complexion.




Why haven’t you had sex, Mark? What are you holding out for?