THE Right!

If people don’t acknowledge clear bias against Republicans, forward progress is not going to happen.

I hate republicans

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You’re going to hate a lot more than Republicans before you die but your poison must be spewed across every page to signal and confirm what the future holds.

you think you’re so holy

You think you’re so smart.

the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq – I mean of Ukraine ~George W. Bush

He got it right. Unintentionally.

The Simpsons were right again.

More Florida morons.

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lol. I thought it was a parody. Some people’s parents.

Nice. Looks like the my pillow guy paid up, too.

Smartmatic can puff out their chest now.

He can join Alex Jones in an ever growing list of targeted conservatives and gun owners.

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Agreed! Target them! Destroy them!

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Weird case. The kids were visiting their parents, were not paid, and management may not have even known they were there. Very unclear to me.

I thought that too, but it looks like 300 children.

I don’t know the true story there and I’m not sure anyone does yet aside from the people who were there. I can tell you that when I was a kid, we had these special days a couple of times a year where the kids would accompany their parents to work and would do some of the parent’s tasks under supervision. We didn’t consider that “work” and we didn’t get paid. It was just part of our education.

I think this was at 2 am. Maybe the parent couldn’t get a sitter.

It’s possible they were mostly Mexicans.

One has to spend time there to understand their culture. I remember being in Puerto Vallarta once and I couldn’t sleep at 1 am so I went for a walk on the beach. There were ten thousand other people doing the same thing. Kids, families, just everyone, all out at 1 am. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if these Mexicans just made a habit of bringing their kids to work with them and letting them do stuff in the kitchen. They don’t consider kids working or staying up late to be a bad thing.

I can tell you every roadside food stand I have ever been to in Mexico (and there have been a lot of them, from Vallarta on the Pacific to Cancun and Tulum on the Atlantic) had a family with kids well under 16 (often around 10) working alongside their parents, often serving food and handling cash, and often well into the wee hours.