THE Right!


Lol. At first I thought he signed all 3 lines with his name, but I guess not, since the other 2 had room for their signatures. I guess they had to start over. The best part is when trump realized he effed up and ask which one is the most important. Trudeau replies, “we each get a copy.” Lol.

Do you think…?

A. He doesn’t know how to sign a document?

B. He did it on purpose so he could back out like he has done with pretty much anybody he owes money?


I vote A. I really believe a lot of the things he does that make people speculate about what he was really trying to do are simple errors due to his obvious stupidity.


Look at the faces of of the people behind them. LOL



I hope Trump forces a shutdown. There is nothing as unpopular with the American people as a government shutdown. And once he’s out of office, he can be indicted. Really this is looking good.


At 2:30 trump says he’ll shut it down. Chuck knows that’s a bad move.


Schumer and Pelosi played this perfectly, even NAMING it the Trump Shutdown so people know who to blame.


It was great theater. The world is now laughing at VP Pence who looked like was somewhere else, so fearful was he.


Several things are obvious. First, Trump looked like a total jackass. Second, the Democrats totally played him. Third, he hasn’t thought this through. Fourth, any shutdown, especially over Christmas, will be a disaster for Republicans and Trump. Fifth, the Democrats are totally set to look like heroes when they take power in January and will immediately pass a bill to fund government. Sixth, Pence is an lapdog. Seventh, Trump will declare victory tomorrow.


Pence sat there for 15 minutes, lol.

The meeting was a tremendous success. So was the NAFTA signing. Just fantastic. The pen he used was spectacular.


It was the worlds finest pen. There are no better pens than that one.


So, Reg, on all seven counts I say what’s new.


Precision is about to stack out 7 rigs. Rigs in the Permian Basin and all over western Texas are stacking out as they complete their wells.

I can sense your satisfaction from such disappointing news.


What does “stack out” mean?



I see. I hope you’re not directly affected, Michele. That said, I also wish you’d see that the oil price decline is a direct result of Trump’s idiotic policies on both China and Saudi Arabia. Trump is killing your own family and your own livelihood, but I still don’t expect you to stop supporting him.


I know it all appears to be a bad sign of things to come and in the oilfield it is definately possible. Boom and bust are very much a part of the up and down roller coaster ride the oilfield takes a person on. But when it’s in your blood you adjust to the conditions in order to stay in step with the movement of oil prices. It is a different type of life and not for everyone. I don’t want us to get laid off and lose everything we’ve built for the last 30 years. And I don’t want to start over. Hopefully, the price of oil will go through the roof and stabilize. :wink:


Just remember the reason. Trump’s trade wars are slowing down the world’s markets and the world demand for oil. Current oil prices are a direct result of his foolish actions. Blame the right person.


This is exactly the mind-set I’ve been trying explain and have failed miserably at. The Left points fingers and blames. The Right allows the Truth to be exposed for what it is because everyone has their own cross to bare. Even Trump!


I understand that’s how you see it. I honestly do not. To me, the right has forgotten what truth even is. Truth is whatever narrative currently suits them politically. Trump says Mexico will pay for the wall. Trump says he’ll list China as a currency manipulator. Trump says he’ll dump NAFTA. Trump says, Trump says, Trump says…and nothing comes true so we rename NAFTA, make up some lunacy about how Mexico will pay through a better NAFTA and so on. To me, the right has totally lost its moral compass.