Stunning image, Reg! It’s amazing to reflect on so much violence and destruction and then see natural healing in the land.

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Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA.


Beautiful! Wouldn’t you just love to vacation there.

Yes, it’s very pretty.

Hell no. I don’t see any hotels or roads. Camping is for crazy people.

No, Goofy…on a path, in those ginormous yachts with hotel-like rooms and built-in amenities.

I can’t afford one of those, and prefer real hotels anyway. I have been on several big yachts in my life and I find the experience to be “wanna-be cruise ship” every time. I didn’t enjoy them at all.

I really like just flying to some crazy city and jumping in a taxi and saying, “Hey, man, show me your city. I have all day. Stop for photos a lot.” Since I prefer South America and Asia to Europe and the US, that usually costs me very little, too.

Yeah, but I envision it as quiet and peaceful. I’ve never been on one but I think I would enjoy the isolation from a crazy city.

In the U.S, it doesn’t matter where we travel, you will pay, except to dirty Mexico. Travel is fairly cheap if you don’t go too far. I personally would not even consider going there, unless I had a death wish.

Mexico isn’t particularly dirty but I’m also not a huge fan of visiting it these days. They’ve let crime get out of hand in some areas. Resort cities like Cancun are still quite safe, but I’m not really into resorts.

I know. Art galleries and museums.

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Phú Quốc, Vietnam.


A bee.

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Some old building in London. The Brits are set to choose a new government today. The polls suggest the Tories will be wiped out. It’s not as good as the bee from last week but Rule Britannia!

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With Euro 2024 and the Copa America to be settled on the weekend, I present some guy watching a soccer game.

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He doesn’t look like he is terrorizing the players’ families at all.

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He does not appear to have been bitten, either.

My luck I would be behind the dude blocking my view. Every live game or concert is like that. It’s so much nicer to watch everything from home and I especially love rewind.

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I totally agree with that. I have no desire at all to be among 60,000 people, far away from the field, watching a game I don’t really care about. I would much rather watch it on my computer.

That has never made sense to me. I wouldn’t want to pay for tickets to a game I enjoy if my seat was so far removed from the game I couldn’t see enough to enjoy it. But why would you even watch a game on your computer if you don’t even care? That makes even less sense.

I said I don’t “really” care about it, meaning it’s not of major importance to my life. I care enough to watch some games on my computer. This is one of them. Vamos Colombia!

Oh, I see. That’s great. That will make it really easy to enjoy.