It is my personal understanding that the POM will be changed weekly, on Mondays.

What do you base that understanding on my dear?

Wishful thinking?

I second the motion to file this request under “wishful thinking”.

I will add however, that the time between POM changes has become longer and therefore may cause anxiety, especially if the POM is glaringly bright and gaudy as opposed to mountain scenery.

Or the sun going down over the ocean.

The sun going down over the ocean is boring isn’t it. Flat horizon, sun going down. They all look the same. A mountain scene on the other hand is beautiful.

Mountains are beautiful. I love mountains. But we’ve had mountains, not once but twice. Have we ever seen the sun going down over the ocean?
You know if you would compromise, I would get my way.

A compromise? Okay. How about a sunset in the mountains.

How about mountains overlooking the ocean.

Cut me some slack. My marriage just fell apart and I’m feeling sad about it. I’ll change the pom in a few days.

Sorry Reg. Fuck the POM.

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I disagree but you heard the man, Reg. No hurry. Whenever you can lift your drooping bottom lip off the floor.

That may take some time. I’ll get to it eventually.

Im starting to think this is going to take some time. No hurry. I’m off to do something wise anyway.

I accept this compromise.

Okay! Puff our your chest and walk over to Reg, get down on your knees and start begging for change, with authority.

I believe you’re the one with experience on her knees.

Well…,if I want it done right, I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

Enjoy your scenery!