ah yes, one’s own perception is truth…nothing else matters

(even when someone proves its incorrect and you cant deny it without ignoring logic, facts and lying to yourself lol)

oh wait… you may not understand, i will translate and use your language:

“you gross dense stinking canadian… vastly more canadians (and americans) smoke than dutch… numbers prove… god, vomit… wanker”

Vastly fewer Canadians (and Americans) smoke than Dutch. Truth.

Calling you a wanker is also truth but it gets repetitive. A wanker might think the above statement isn’t per-capita. Everyone else will get it, though.

lol yes sane people will get it when they read previous statements

South Carolina, in honour of the vile witch Nikki Haley.

Road. Mountains. Looks like the US somewhere. Maybe Utah. Not sure.


I spoke with a woman over the weekend that didn’t know Utah was bigger than Massachusetts. She has lived in Massachusetts and been to Utah.

I guessed that you could fit 10 Massachusetts in Utah and I was correct.

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I wouldn’t have known that either. I would’ve guessed bigger but not 10 times bigger.

wow massachusetts is even smaller than my country… not by that much but thats still impressive! :wink:’%20size%20compared%20to%20US%20states&text=These%20are%3A%20Rhode%20Island%20(10,and%20Maryland%20(77%20percent).

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From flat land to snow covered mountains. Nice. It certainly beats South Carolina.

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Trees. Somewhat spring-like, even. Pleasant.


We seem to be flying all about of late. Dan is probably in Florida as I type this.

It’s that weird time of year where the world looks a bit like an oil painting.

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The Canada Geese will be here again soon.

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Cala Gonone, Sardinia, Italy.

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Zebras. In B&W because B&W is somehow better. I’m not sure why.

Guatemalan Indigenous Art.

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Across much of the world, including Vancouver, cherry blossoms start to bloom.


We got 3 inches of snow.

So much for your cherry blossoms. lol.

Some guy playing chess.