That deadly vaccine killed them.

no no no for now we just care more about having good relations with qatar, their gas and of course our image too! so our footballers met up with some of the workers and all had a great time :wink:

I wonder if the gays would be happy with that. The Dutch team could scrimmage with a few homos and then call it good. “We are not blind, we are not deaf, we see the news articles and decide to form our own opinions by having a scrimmage with some homos. We wanted to meet them, and we’re happy that we did.” No armbands, no protests. A scrimmage should cover it.

Hypocriete klootzakken.

PS: Canada’s team is just as bad. Maybe worse. They didn’t even scrimmage.

lol its an interesting choice… make a statement and totally boycott and not go to qatar and not even watch the world cup?
or go there and share your thoughts and try to understand and maybe even influence people?

ah you can even go for free if you snitch on some people? lol

Nico, to me it’s not about boycotts vs small expressions of discontent. It’s about EVERY SINGLE TEAM from the western world making some protest for the homos, and 6500 dead brown people don’t even get a damn armband. Tons of rainbows splattered across every single white team out there. Team USA even changed its logo to be a rainbow. What do 6500 dead darkies get? A scrimmage with the Dutch team. One Love, niggas.

sounds like you need to support the french team lol

Number of homos killed preparing for the WC in Qatar: 0. And yet the world is losing its excrement because they can’t do sodomy for a few days in Qatar.

How about a brown armband for the 6500 dead brown people? Oh no, we wouldn’t want to politicize the sport now would we? God I’d like to stuff those armbands down those hypocrites’ throats.

lol how do you know that none of those dead brown people were gay?

Another photo of the ugly and soulless city of Doha in Qatar. I inflict this unpleasant image on you because of the 2022 World Cup which is taking place in this contrived and absurd place.

It’s a picture of a bunch of wooden boat you drama Queen but you are right, they are ugly.

Look behind the boats and you will see Doha.

Yes, Reg, we can see the concrete towers. The very thing you love about Vancouver.

Vancouver has a bit more to offer than just concrete towers. Note the lack of sand, too.


I’ll be honest with you, Reg. I don’t see any sand in your POM.

Look at the last POM then.

That’s the past, unless you want to repost the old image you had up there before?

I assure you the sand is still there in Doha, Michele.