THE Left!


In all fairness, Trump is mostly against the left leaning 9th Circuit that does seem to have a lot of cases overturned.

To build bridg…nevermind!


You’ve got a lotta nerve considering the plundering the congressional right has put us through.


Bridges my ass! The only thing he wants to build is that stupid wall.


I have no interest at all in bipartisanship, and I hope the democrats in the US understand they weren’t elected to be bipartisan. They were elected to impeach and remove the President of the United States from office.


Plundered, Will? What was plundered besides regulations?
And considering what those migrants are doing, I would think you would come to your senses and want to build a wall.

I doubt you are alone. Those who cry the loudest about “building bridges instead of walls” are the least likely to seek bipartisanship. I doubt any bridges are built this year nor do I care if they aren’t.


I want a complete dismantling of the republican influence in DC. Buncha chickenshits.


I want your smart mouth completely dismantled but, in this life, we don’t always get what we want, do we?!? Perhaps you should seek out some Christmas music for a calming effect.


Thanks for the advice but I am calm since sanity and backbone has taken over the house.


It’s funny to hear Republicans whine about bipartisan now that they don’t have the house. Meanwhile, their idol said he wants a government shutdown, if he doesn’t get what he wants (a wall). Can’t make it up. Lol. I doubt that would work for me at work.


They have until Dec 7 don’t they? I think he’s bluffing. He’s not going to get the funds or shut down the government.


I think he’s bluffing, too. Sounds like a baby.


I don’t think he’s bluffing. I think he’s stupid and that’s just what came out of his mouth at that moment, to be forgotten the very next moment.


If it was forgotten the next moment, this would be a different conversation.


Let’s see if we’re still talking about this in a week. If we are, I will happily admit I was wrong. If he’s off on some new shiny thing and this is forgotten, I will be proven right.


I would put a wager on that but I hate to keep winning.


No, I wouldn’t bet on it. Trump will talk about whatever resonates with his base. His “truth” is an endless stream of trial balloons. If one gets a bit of wind, he runs with it and the others are abandoned as yesterday’s “truth” which no longer matters.

It is possible this will resonate with his base and this “truth” will last a few weeks before being superseded with new “truth”, as happened with NAFTA, the wall, Trumpcare and endless other “truths”.


“When I can, I tell the truth.”

Donald Trump


The totally perverse thing is that he is telling the truth, as he understands the word. To him, truth is whatever is currently coming out of his mouth. He doesn’t feel the humiliation that the rest of us feel if we have to constantly backtrack on things and change our opinion totally. He doesn’t feel the obligation the rest of us feel to actually do the things he said he would do. To him it’s normal to just change totally and deny what he previously said a week (or a minute) ago, and he doesn’t understand why people like us hold it against him.

If truth is whatever is currently coming out of your mouth, it’s almost impossible to lie.


To some, truth is what is currently coming out of their mouth. To others, truth is what they currently believe.

To me, there is only one Truth.

To judge Trump on his truth when your own truth is a lie is somewhat pretentious. But if judging his truth makes you feel better about your own truth, by all means, carry on.


“I have never lied to you.”