THE Left!


Can be?


That’s certainly your choice, but for the record I assert you have never made a case against anything, have not cited any offending posts, and are playing victim just like Trump does.

I also find your comments about my response to Avenatti ridiculous. If he’s guilty, by all means he should be punished. So should Trump. There is vastly more evidence that Trump is guilty of sexual assault than there is that Avenatti is. Right now we don’t even know who his accuser is or what he is accused of, and your citing the fact that some police officer saw someone with physical injuries (without knowing how she even got those physical injuries) is just silly.

And yes, I am finding this tiresome and don’t respond to many of your posts because it is so tiresome.


Thank God because I prefer your silence to your insults.


I find your response ridiculous. This was about Avannati, not Trump. Why did you drag Trump into it? Are you not capable of discussing anything without making a comparison to Trump?
If we were only discussing Avannati, the only info we have is Officer Im’s observation. Was that not enough to at least comment on?


You didn’t just comment, you came to a firm conclusion. Your exact words: “An attorney for abused women is an abusive man.”

By this standard, you must absolutely conclude that Trump is a 12 time abuser since there is 12 times the evidence against him.

It was totally reasonable, credible and correct to bring up the double standard you use in judging and convicting Avenatti on a single unsubstantiated accusation while exonerating Trump despite 12 accusations many of which have been substantiated.


I believe Trump debunked some of those accusations and if you want to list his crimes against women you can but I just wanted to hear your opinion on Avannati.


My opinion on Avenatti is clear. If he physically assaulted a woman (other than in self defense), he should be charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned. I don’t see how I can be clearer.


You could have been that clear the first time.


I am glad to have cleared that up. I would now note that if Trump physically assaulted a woman (other than in self defense), he should be charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned.




Does this include women’s mma?


MMA wouldn’t count as assault as there is consent for the violence between the parties.


Do you weigh that factor in when there isn’t?


I know of no MMA fights that don’t have the full consent of all participants.


Ocasio-Cortez wants to replace Columbus day with election day and make it a holiday. It sounds like a great idea to me.


Inmates are getting 2 dollars a day to fight the fire. Per day. Not per hour. The ACLU looks like will get involved to fight for higher pay.


Now something for primates.


Not since the Watergate scandal have Democrats run up such a large margin of victory in midterm House races, NBC News data showed.

With votes continuing to be tallied more than two weeks after Election Day, Democrats hold a lead over Republicans in the House popular vote by more than 8.6 million votes.

That’s the largest total victory in a midterm House election since Democrats defeated Republicans by more than 8.7 million votes in 1974, just months after President Richard Nixon resigned from office in disgrace.

And the number is continuing to inch up.

As of noon on Wednesday, Democratic House candidates won 58,990,609 votes while their Republican counterparts pulled in 50,304,975. That means that, so far, Democrats won 53.1 percent of all votes counted while Republicans earned 45.2 percent.

Democrats currently hold a 234 to 199 edge over Republicans in the incoming House, which will start in January, according to NBC News. NBC News has yet to call two races — Georgia’s 7th Congressional District and Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

So far, Democrats have a net gain of nearly 40 House seats.


It’s going to be interesting to see if Democrats can work in a bipartisan way. I won’t hold my breath since all they seem to be interested in is Trump subpoenas.


I doubt it. Neither party works in a bipartisan way at all. The right owns the executive, senate, and judicial (which the president insults more than the left does).

Why would the democrats be in interested in passing any of Trump’s agendas?