THE Left!

An attorney for abused women is an abusive man.

If you look closer, you can see THE Left! You can see every left-wing liar on the face of the earth. This guy is a perfect example! All day long everyday for months and months, this self-righteous liar has relentlessly hounded our president over his alleged abuse of women. Do you see THE Left yet? Keep looking, Masters of the Universe!
This is exactly how the Left is viewed by the Right. Throw stones! Throw stones! Throw stones! Only to learn that it is they who need to be stoned. :roll_eyes:

So all lefties are the same?

So Michele, let me get this straight. Avenatti gets accused of a crime by one accuser. It was originally reported as being his wife, but she came out and said it wasn’t her and that he had never abused her. We have zero information about this one accuser but we know he denies it.

Donald Trump has 12 accusers, many of whom have corroborating witnesses for their stories. The only reason he isn’t in court on these matters right now is that he is president and he will face these accusers after he leaves office.

You somehow believe this unnamed accuser of Avenatti with no details, but discard out of hand the 12 accusers of Trump who have sworn complaints against him in court.

Don’t bother explaining. I already know why.

Because there is nothing that Trump could do that would diminish her allegiance to her fuhrer. Such devotion.

I should not be surprised at the way any of you 3 responded. But as usual, I am completely disappointed and growing bored of this entire insane circle jerk.

But Michele, you can’t leave! You’re in the middle!

I am also getting bored of this, but I have a straight question: why do you believe the allegations against Avenatti while not believing the allegations against Trump?

Yes that would be your media not fact-checking but that’s probably ok since Trump is really the only person on the face of the earth that should ever be fact-checked.

Officer Im confirmed there was evidence of physical injuries.

List them!

I wasn’t going to but you insisted! Make up your mind!

I hope not but so far…

I believe Trump probably had sex with some of those women and I think some are planted by the Left. But I dont believe Trump assaulted any of those women in any way. I believe the Left found those women and are using them for political leverage because of the half-truth they can smear his name with.

Why do you believe EVERYONE accept Trump?

Are you so blind to reality that you really believe Trump could be everything that every person has spoken against him?
And are you so blind that you really believe he couldn’t possibly do even ONE good deed for this country?
Are you so blind that you can’t see even one good thing he has already done?
Are you so blind you can’t see that one man cannot possibly be that wicked even if they practiced sinful behavior every day of their life?

Don’t bother explaining. I already know why.

For months you have expressed in perfect wording who I and Trump are according to the words we have spoken, apart from our deeds that you clearly know nothing about.
It must be especially comforting to you to know that your eloquent speech protects you from exposure to the truth of who you are.
And yet, it exposes who you are anyway.

That is exactly my point, Will, so why don’t you get off my ass because I’m sick of you breathing down my neck.

Have I been on your ass? Today? Yet?

No, Will, you haven’t and when you see there is someone else driving the point home, there really is no need for reinforcement from you. Unless the end goal is something more than the obvious point being made. And if that’s the case, you are steadily driving me away.

I"m not trying to drive you away. As the lone diehard Trump supporter in here you have to know what you’re up against. I think Mark may be a Trumpster. Not sure. You’re certainly welcome to support his lying ass but don’t expect much support.

God I can’t wait till he’s out.

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That is no less than 6 years away. I’m not a baby, Will, but you and Reg take it to a different level and I just don’t have enough of something in me to keep taking these verbal beat downs.

I’m hoping Mueller will make it much less than six years. I know I can be harsh and Trump raises my hackles. I’m sorry you feel beat down but I can’t let some of your posts go without responding. I hope you don’t leave.

I hate to just keep on but you keep saying the wrong thing. This is not about you responding to my posts and if you will think carefully about it, you will know exactly what sort of things (plural) I am referring to.
So far, I have only been right about one thing and you, Reg and to some degree, even Dan, continuously confirm that in me.
I’m not beat down today, nor was I yesterday, but the other day…
Not everything is about Donald Trump. But every subject does seem to be indirectly related to him. Not even one of you addressed the accusations against Michael Avannati. And you, Reg, wasted no time turning the subject off of his alleged crime and punishment to Trump, as usual. You seem to have tunnel vision and that’s unfortunate.
I know you probably think I’m sitting and crying my pore, pour, poor lol little broken heart out over your harsh words. That’s not really the case. Something has come up and I want to give it more attention in the future, especially if this continues to be a drag.

Because of your bad behavior, I feel you should share something about yourself with me. I remember you telling me something about art. I’d like to see your work. :grimacing: