THE Left!


I hope it brings you relief.


What’s wrong? You seem to be bored with this. Can’t you walk a mile with me while I bitch and dig you non-stop?
Welcome to my world!


Lord how many bitching miles have i walked with you already? You’ve put a lot of miles on your bitch-o-meter.


And who do we blame for that? Did I do it to myself?


I don’t assign blame


I’m not looking to blame anyone, Will, but if you don’t want me to bitch like a girl, you know how to make that stop.


By not stating my loathing for Trump? By accepting his lies and treason?


No! It’s not about trump but since you brought it up, there is more to life but it’s your choice to rant endlessly about him. You know I don’t care.
Apparently, you still don’t get it.


Now I kind of see why it took you 12 years to divorce your x-wife!


You 3 went on an attack the other day. Maybe you didn’t mean for it to be an attack but it felt that way. I don’t need that and I can’t believe this is like the 3rd time I’ve tried to explain it. Maybe I just don’t know how to make myself clear. But I’m getting bored with having to go over it again.


My daughter just posted this on Facebook. :joy:


14 actually.


That could be it.


Yeah, No! That’s not it but I can appreciate your attempt at being agreeable. :roll_eyes:


Okay. Enough ring around the rosie. State your complaint and refer to posts that mistreated you so cruelly.


Are you serious? You really don’t know?


If you 3 can’t figure it out, nevermind! I’m not going to cry about it again.


I can appreciate you being adult about it.


Lord knows I’ve tried.


Lord also knows I can be trying.