Snowden: Patriot or Traitor

lol. I’ve known personally since 1966.

the men that made it possible for men to walk on the moon didn’t care what you believed
turns out only yo momma does

You mean the film makers?

i mean you don’t think you are an idiot
rest assured
there is no doubt
watch a lot of oliver stone, do you?
i get my facts from oliver stone and the politician with the most soothing voice

He sacrificed himself for our knowledge.

you meant jesus christ, or snowden
cause the language is the same
really really
go fuck yourself
nobody else will
it seems to me

lol OMG your a trumpster? lol!

you are an idiot

I feel the same way about you,. Just go die will ya?

ok i wiil

but not cause you want me to
and not today

Don’t bother. I’m through with your dumb ass.

He sacrificed himself for our knowledge.

See ;my last.

What? Breath? How can we? Is it cold there or did you eat a lot of onions?

Wow, what a discussion. Well if everyone is clear now maybe we can move on. I never really got aggressive and just waited.

That’s interesting. Why don’t you share the proof of your conspiracy theory? Better yet, why don’t you just share your theory.

Can’t and won’t do that.

Why not? You opened a door when you posted your thought.

I took a lifetime oath.

Then why did you mention it?

Did I?