Snowden: Patriot or Traitor

In 2013, Snowden was hired by an NSA contractor, Booz Allen Hamilton, after previous employment with Dell and the Snowden says he gradually became disillusioned with the programs with which he was involved and that he tried to raise his ethical concerns through internal channels but was ignored.

A significant event in the previous administration worthy of review.

Maybe when trump goes home to his true country they could be roommates.

i would wonder why the government didn’t use every tool and every dataset to find out things.
i would wonder why google didn’t use every tool and every dataset to find out things.
snowden revealed things i already hoped would be true.
cause he was outraged.
blame the american educational system.
now he eats at mickeyDs and wishes over his fries.

Whistleblower and traitor are both just words. Labels. Sounds we make with our mouths or words we type on our keyboards. He is what he is. He did what he did. Neither that which he is nor that which he did are changed by the labels we choose to affix.

The guy told the truth about the dystopia we now live in. I choose the label “hero”.


i don’t need heroes to tell me the truth.
i don’t need primates in funny collars to tell me about god.
he knew he was breaking a law, but his outrage led to a short-sighted decision.
you call him a hero.
i call it a wasted move.
like throwing yourself on a loaf of bread and saying “boom”.

He had a coin he could spend only once before they destroyed him. He spent it.

Michele really wants to say something but can’t find the right words.

It won’t be worth reading.

I had hoped to hear more from you…

…and less from you.

After I posted this occurred to me. Everyone knows he’s a whistleblower. The most well known whistleblower of our time so that’s not even a question so hero was exactly right. I’m going to change it.

It’s interesting and sad that you feel we are living dystopian life. It’s why Trump ran for president. He knew what has been happening and he has spent the last four years trying to expose that in our government. If Biden wins the election, we will devolve into something much worse than dystopia. If that happens, I’m going to come here and blame you on every thread in your site.

I call this an interesting view. Pity you failed to expand on it.

That’s just not true. I can’t find the correct word. If I spoke the right word you would have been convicted and repented 4 years ago.

Ah yes, you are so holy.

Oh, hell no. Everyone knows I’m a bad personal and a hell bound heretic. But thank you for seeing me in a better light than I could possibly ever see myself.

my point that struggles to be born:
someone is a clown
i enjoy teasing those who believe a clown is a savior
i would not do it if i had to move to siberia as a consequence
a consequence of my enjoyment
or my outrage
we know the clown already

If you mean that the personal price he paid doesn’t justify any personal gains (such as making a few million dollars on books and so on), that’s certainly true.

If you mean his giving up his freedom for exile in Siberia without the ability to travel anywhere for fear of arrest did not actually result in any material change to the system, that’s also certainly true.

This doesn’t mean he’s not a hero. One credible definition for hero is someone who does something even though it will destroy him because he thinks it’s right.

The corrupt government is going to get that. Lord knows, they have to keep him quiet or he will destroy everything they have worked for.

I imagine he’s just happy to be alive.

I agree. Through his eyes, we have been given a view to the world in which we live and the truth of how deep the corruption really is in America.

Certainly not a traitor as far as humanity and humans go.

i’m glad we all know the gubbermint was doing what google openly admits it does.
after we got over our outrage, we had dinner.
snowden ate dinner in siberia.
that loaf of bread he threw himself on posed a clear and present danger.
why does this stupid spell checker underline siberia and let google go?

It’s tryin to send you a covert message that you’re doing it wrong.

snowden got some russian pregnant
applied for citizenship
or komradship
i don’t know what they call it

Actually she’s American. She was the gf he abandoned when he ran off to Russia. They reconciled and she moved to Russia to be with him. They married 3 years ago. They both applied for Russian citizenship.

If some North Korean defects to the US spilling a bunch of state secrets he stole about human rights abuses in that country, he’s (correctly) called a hero and Kim Jong Un can go stuff it if he doesn’t like it. If some Russian or Chinese defects and spills a bunch of state secrets he stole about human rights abuses in that country, he’s (correctly) considered for the Nobel Prize. If Snowden defects to Russia after spilling a bunch of state secrets he stole about human rights abuses in the USA, he’s considered a traitor and hypocritical Americans call for him to be imprisoned.