Snowden: Patriot or Traitor

i call for him to languish in a government apartment in a better section of moscow
dreaming of his hometown
he knew the rules when he took the job
i can stand on a soap box all day
“the government knows more about you than you think they do”
and go home at night

He is hero and patriot.

Ten of the first twelve American Presidents were slave owners, with the only exceptions being John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams . … Of those presidents who were slaveholders, Thomas Jefferson owned the most, with 600+ slaves , followed closely by George Washington.
if i told you we had a microphone in gorbachev’s toilet that he used to orchestrate the downfall of the soviet union by whispering through it to ronald reagan, you might imagine we don’t want them to know about it for a long time.
until they can say “who cares, that was 200 years ago”
kinda like hypocritical americans do when they venerate the president of their choice
don’t ask me how i know

ya know moon just cause you think it don’t make it so
you gotta prove it all night

What is it you think I have to prove to you?

prove to me a thing ain’t so cause the obvious “don’t seem right” to you
ignorant mutherfucker

Take a plunge up your mothers cunt you fuckface maine coon.

my mother’s cunt dies with her
gallileo pointed his telescope over a long black gun at a deer
bishops came from rome and said “amazing”
pointed the same thing at jupiter and said “those moons don’t seem right to me”
“now walk on your tongue through busted glass”
things don’t plunge up
forgive me for typing that you are an ignorant muthafucker
i meant to spell innocent mothersuckler
don’t forget to vote
you must be really bored to have read this far
hope this clears up any misunderstanding

Quite correct I was bored. My bad, things don’t plunge up but they do plunge in. I have already voted and it has been accepted. I believe our misunderstanding has been cleared up.

i would have fucked your mother
i wouldn’t have bragged about the result

Nor would she I wager.

i am a hypocritical american
all of us are
some of us move forward with that knowledge in our pockets
cause we don’t want to be canadians walking around reciting the punchlines to jokes nobody understands

I am a loudmouth American, The bane of all societies.

Not all. Many Americans think Snowden is a hero. They may be hypocrites on other topics (I know I am) but not on that one.

He sacrificed himself for our knowledge.

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Yes, many Americans are really stupid

own the room
own your thoughts
own your opinion
many americans are saying is a convincing argument
in your head?
you should be better than that
and i say that cause i know you can be

you mean you didn’t know
you also didn’t know men walked on the moon

I don’t believe men walked on the moon.