Snowden: Patriot or Traitor

You mentioned you have known since 1966.

Did we land on the moon or not?


Do you know how insane that sounds?

I have no idea what insanity sounds like to a crazy woman like you.

A little like your voice as it spews unfounded conspiracy theories.


from The Atlantic

Two docuseries about NXIVM present a question: Are the people who have escaped a controlling organization the most reliable sources on what happened to them?

republican party
personal relationships
doesn’t matter
it’s a great question

In each case, they’re almost always all we have. So yes, they are the most reliable sources because they are the only sources.

literally true
i think of the sentence and the word “most” as having an additional meaning
kinda like “is this the best way to form an opinion”
or “what do they say about eyewitness testimony”

Not at all. It’s clear you’re the only reliable source for what happens to anyone.

why is the choice of this topic binary?
was there no room for “or moron” in the title?

Because I don’t think you had arrived when the thread started.

i had windows 3 on a 286 when the thread started
my arrival did not inform the binary option offered by a feeble mind
so i don’t see your point
that’s two or three times you’ve referenced my being “late to the party”
does your life suck
you can tell it to your keyboard
always there, always smoothly contoured, always in your mother’s basement

Aren’t you a smart little boy. Do you still piss the bed at night?

but that thing you got about “i was here first”
i got three things you wrote reflecting an opinion that must be yours
“new guy”, an insult you must have been saving for a long time cuz there aren’t any “new guys”
something about my arrival
and some thing about waiting for me to make my move
cuz i can’t google it
that has me curious

If you two would quit bickering, you’d realize you agree about almost everything. Then again, you’re Americans so whatever. Go ahead and shoot each other. It’s your constitutional right or something.

thank you for your honesty

It’s how we get to know our neighbors.


But you can’t be sure?