Silkies insane rants

Liar. lying silky mother

Mother is a component of vinegar.


You won’t ever get to my real mother that way. What you will get is a terrifying multitude of hosts that have tormented us for having no other place to go.

It never made sense to me why they could not be removed.

You are a fucking liar Mark


Yeah, whatever valley girl

Do you want some of your parts back? I might be able to negotiate a deal or pay a ransom for them as Christ did for your soul, that too I suppose.

You have nothing of mine you liar


No, I don’t. The Grinch does.


Do you like pistachio?


He’s in love lol.

I believe you may be right.

He goes through phases with people. He has talked quite strangely to Reg at times. Usually about food or weight. He’s sort of talking normalish to me right now.

Yeah, he went off on you a few times

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You probably deserved it.