Silkies insane rants

Did you have a TBI?

Did everything change in you late teens?

Have you always lived with mom and dad? Does state provide medication of other assisstance to you?

I don’t really care what you cut.

Does it feel like the world is closing in on you?

It is obvious you used that filthy mouth of yours to abuse somebody with other than just words.

I don’t think you are healer or you can unlock secrets of the mind and body.

Is it obvious? Are you sure?

Are you sure of anything?

I can just imagine you casually relaxing after your medical cannabis and feeling like doing a yoga session on the living room floor. Then you suddenly hallucinating a giant Grinch taking off the roof like your home is doll house and plucking parts of your body and replacing them with spreadable wurst.
All the time with you shouting “silky, silky, please no silky!”

And then of course you having no recollection of the trauma.

Do you really think I believe in the same God as you do?

tell me Silky, why do you talk to Reg like you’re a normal human being but to everyone else like you’re crazy? Why is that?

I am sick of your bullshit.

So you won’t answer?

Sorry, mouth was full. Hey is that strong smell of banana peel and saliva coming from you?

blah blah liar silky

Is your mother a liar too? Is that where you learned it?

Snap out of it. Don’t call some crisis hotline repeating that.

The Grinch can appear as anyone.

liar silky

Go get a broom and vacuum and clear out old cobwebs. That fire potential isn’t for Christ. It’s not His household. You honored the wrong God.