Silkies insane rants

Here ya go Mark. You’re very own topic.

chicken discrimination!

animal abuse?

If you are only racist, vulgar, threatening and abusive towards me and I truly am a subhuman person not deserving of any kindness and devoid of love and any emotions that can be hurt, then your abuse shouldn’t put anyone off from befriending you.

You seem to have no control over it though. If I really lack in mental sanity due to victim abuse or some other cause such as brain injury trauma or drug overdose does it justify you?

Do you need somebody or something to abuse ?

Does your wife have silky hair?

Are you impotent?

Are you impotent, Silky?

Well retracted in some offerings.


Lip syncing and missing lyrics is not ok at all. Not for one blink, one word, or just one second too soon or too late.

What I need to know is if he is satisfied with his abuse towards me here and it does not go over to anyone else or does that fail in preventing it going towards someone else.

Should I consider my own emotional and possibly even physical well being in regards to that.

He is making me feel concerned for my the welfare of my mother.

Are you flirting with me? You know that will bring Big Moo’s wrath down on me right?

Who are you Potiphar’s wife?

Your mother is on welfare?

Are you a victim of abuse Sparky? Are you?

My mother is not your wife and I am not your son.

That’s true.

What caused your insanity or is it organic?

Tell the truth. Don’t you want to be understood?

Did daddy abuse you?

No. Good and no but if you keep on with your rants, you’re going to be someone’s butch.

Get your own stories straight.

I’m really considering cutting out meat with that comment.