I read somewhere that ahe was ‘interviewed’ for 14 hours before being released.

Probably, but let’s not forget that happens in both of our countries, too.

Looks like this is one for you. :point_down:t2:

Good news for Dan.

The Russians just got a windfall. India is still buying their oil.

close the russian sky

Looks like a bunch of Russian generals have been killed. One of them was run over by his own troops.

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I’m pretty sure after this disastrous showing in Ukraine, their life expectancy back home wouldn’t have been all that high anyway.

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Putin Sanctions Oscars
Motion Picture Academy Remains Defiant

This has been a huge subject of discussion in the ham radio community. Russian ineptitude in comms has been almost beyond anyone’s ability to believe in our community. They are using $40 radios bought on AliExpress. Their comms are being interrupted by Ukrainians mocking and heckling them (and jamming them, of course). Total buffoonery.

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what does the old-ladies-talking community say?

it’s huge
bigger huge than anybody has ever seen

Amazing anyone is dumb enough to think this was a good idea. Or still does.

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So, the Russian Ruble is pretty much back where it was at the beginning of the conflict. It does appear that the currency is stable. I don’t know anyone who expected this. I certainly didn’t.


Wow. That is surprising.

what is in those sanctions?
there are sanctions on korea and iran
there were sanctions on iraq
get a yacht for what?

I’m uncomfortable with this. Some poor Russian bastard is sitting there training for a marathon, has nothing at all to do with Putin or Ukraine, and he’s shut out because of what Putin did. All the while Chinese runners are welcome while over a million Uyghurs are in concentration camps.

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Almost 19000 dead soldiers so far.

Russia did have a good day yesterday. They were able to bomb a train station in :ukraine: and kill around 40 people.