why do you keep making them?

cuz you also get recent history wrong
911 was george bush
republican presidents start all wars
etc etc etc
maybe you should stick to what you had for lunch

So, Russia and its military are behaving like thugs and pigs, but let’s not lose perspective.

Civilians killed in Ukraine: 5,691
Civilians killed in Iraq by the US: 184,382 (low estimate)

Sources: Iraqi Civilians | Costs of War • Ukraine civilian war casualties 2022 | Statista

a lower estimate is 104K
Many of the students had diseases such as tuberculosis, scrofula, pneumonia and other diseases of poverty . Often, the students with tuberculosis were sent home to die, so the mortality rate of the boarding schools is actually greater than the number of children who died at those institutions.

China is now siding more firmly with Russia.

On the other hand, they can’t buy Nike at stores in malls. They can still buy it online, of course.

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i wonder if nike will “permanently” leave russia in the same way as mcdonalds did lol (with a rename to: vkusno-i tochka, “tasty and that’s it”)

what is “just do put 'em on your feet and thats it” in russian? :wink:

McDonalds is more than just a rebrand. There’s a new owner, and the old company owns none of the new one. I actually own some Nike shirts. I don’t know anyone who buys Nike in stores in malls, but perhaps that’s a real part of their business. I have no way to tell.

lol sure on paper… but when things have settled down mcdonalds can and will get it all back:

Interesting! I didn’t know that. I hate what Russia is doing in Ukraine but I don’t see how it is fair to do all these things to them when the US invaded Iraq and nobody did anything.