That was probably a parody but even so they made some good points. lol.

The beautiful women were about 8 years old.

True, that was creepy, but a lot of the points were valid. No cancel culture, cheap gas, unique architecture, ballet, cheap taxi and delivery, traditional values.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not booking my ticket. The cons still outweigh the pros.

I am an opponent of cancel culture as well, but that is by far not as worse as having no right at all to criticize the state and it‘s leader(s). And which traditional values? Oppression of women and homosexuals is not a tradition which deserves respect.

I disagree with Russia that they don’t have a cancel culture. I’m guessing the russian anti-war news reporter no longer has her job. I’m guessing you can’t be a public figure and be pro gay. They have cancel culture.

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You make a good point. We have our religions (gays, trans women are real women, racial equality, islam is a religion of peace) and they have theirs (mostly just Putin). In either place you’ll get burned at the stake if you don’t bow down in front of the right gods.

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Double edged sword. You surely will burn, if you bow down to a god