No, not everywhere, but in the context of teaching, or usurping authority over a man.

How was she usurping Authority over a man?

And which men was she usurping authority over?

What did she teach, Reg?

Let me give you a rundown, Reg. She is stating that the prophetic events of Revelation are about to be fulfilled. That those little demons having power to sting like a scorpion are about to be released from the bottomless pit when the fifth Angel who has the keys opens it and that we are going to experience some of this but that we are all about to be changed. Those truly in Christ are leaving this world. That these events are going to take place during one of the fall Feasts. That after these things there will be another wave of evil released from under the, prophetically fulfilled, dried up Euphrates River. That there is an evil coming upon the world you do not want to stick around for. That these beings are the fallen angels in the bottomless pit are angels from the days of Noah. That they are also the alien invasion the media has been reporting on. The same ones Tucker Carlson touched on in the clip I posted earlier. And whether she stated it or not, her message was clear to me. We are about to meet face to face with our Savior and we need to be right with Him. We need to be at peace with Him. If we don’t, we won’t be going with Him and it’s about to get uglier than anything you’ve ever witnessed.
You tell me (cause you’re better at that than I) did she teach or was she sharing the Gospel of salvation because the time is near?

Im going to go have breakfast. I hear there are crickets, worms, grasshoppers and scorpions on the menu but it’s just a conspiracy theory.

Michele, you were posting at 4 am my time. It is unsurprising I did not respond quickly.

To answer your question, she was obviously teaching. Sharing knowledge is what teaching is.


I’m not complaining. You didn’t have to reply at all.

Knowledge , by definition, is facts, information or skills acquired through experience or education. If I’m understanding you correctly, it offends you that she is sharing facts?

It doesn’t offend me at all. It is an obvious violation of Biblical teaching rules for her to do this. Being a non-Christian, I don’t care. Being a Christian, I believe you should care, but if you don’t, that’s your right. If you want to twist the wording of the Bible for your convenience, as you do with the head-covering rules, that’s totally fine with me. You are my sister in apostasy.

Okay, Reg. Are the 7 gifts of the Spirit only for men? Should we just assume the gifts are not bestowed on women for Gods glory because only men bring God glory?

In my lowly opinion, teaching is performed Sunday school, high school or home school. You’re applying the Scripture to every situation that requires education. If women are not allowed to teach at all, why schools are filled with female teachers?

I have no idea. Does it say only men bring God glory?

They are teaching boys. It says not to teach men.

No, it says men are His glory. For someone who knows so much about Paul, how do you not know that? Would it be fair to say I just sinned since I told you something you didn’t know?

That’s right, Reg. Even in church, women are allowed to teach the children. Women are not allowed to teach men in church as that would conflict with the appointed hierarchy of the Church or at home as that would conflict with man’s authority over woman. To say that woman was teaching men is speculation on your part, which I find a little irritation since you have passed it off as a fact. She was sharing knowledge she had been education on and she’s allowed to do that.

No, you answered a question. Setting up a Youtube channel in which you instruct people on how to understand the Bible would be teaching.

It is a fact. She set up a Youtube channel to teach. Here is her playlist on “How To Study The Bible”. Those are her exact words. Are you telling me that her teaching you how to study the Bible is not teaching somehow?


Yay! We agree!

No. I’ve learned a lot from her but you would consider it teaching and condemn me for it if I shared all I’ve learned with you.

This is fascinating. I had never thought of this but it’s totally true.

1 Corinthians 9:9

1 Corinthians 9:9 (KJV):
“For it is written in the law of Moses, Thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?”

In this verse, Paul is quoting a law from Deuteronomy 25:4, which states that an ox should not be muzzled while it is working to thresh grain. The principle behind this law is that the ox, which is doing the work, should be allowed to eat some of the grain it is processing. Paul uses this Old Testament law as an analogy to make a broader point about the rights of those who preach the gospel.

Paul argues that just as the ox has the right to benefit from its labor, so too do those who work in ministry have the right to receive material support from the people they serve. The underlying principle is one of fairness and support for those who are laboring. Paul emphasizes that this law, while literally about animals, illustrates a more general principle of providing for those who contribute through their work. This interpretation extends beyond the specific context of oxen to suggest that workers, in general, should be fairly compensated for their labor.

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Right, well idk about fair compensation. I interpret it to mean don’t place any obstacle in the way of the worker until their work has been completed lest they lose strength.

You didn’t add commentary to Ezekiel 1:10.