This is the most powerful and anointed prayer I’ve ever heard.


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I know anyone who watches this is probably familiar with every subject but have you had it presented to you in such a spiritually piercing way? A really interesting video to me and Greg Reese does an amazing job delivering.

Interesting video.

Do you think he should have dealt with it privately or no?

No. He should have been allowed to speak.

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Here’s the video of what he said. Why is this weird naked sword swallower in a church rally anyway?

The men’s conference organizer, Mike Lindell, hired him as part of the entertainment.

This has been labeled false.

However, there is an element of truth to it.

Recently an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic sect banned the use of AI. The New York-based Skver sect warned adherents that artificial intelligence is “open to all abominations, heresy and infidelity without limits.”

This is the direction we are going. They are making AI an abomination. It’s disgraceful behavior, but their judgment will be their reward.