Pit Bulls

This guy should be put down with his dogs.

Definitely a light sentence. Should be lifetime ban.

Thanks for posting. The absence of your Pitty posts has not gone unnoticed.

I agree. He has entirely too many tattoos.

You’re merciless, Dan. Don’t you own a cat? Is your cat obedient?

You’re not getting a free pass here.

*Bagaric’s three American Staffordshire dogs — Bossii, Cinnamon and Smoki — escaped from his yard. *

In the dogs defense, maybe she smeld.

In delivering his decision, Wong noted a witness — another neighbour — testified that she heard a cry for help and found three dogs attacking Williams on her head and neck.

At the time, Bagaric was trying to pull two of the dogs away and back into his yard.

In his defense, he was fighting his own dogs to protect her. But since the consequences were so severe maybe he commanded the dogs to attack her.
Which is it, you tattoo hating dog hater.

Yes, it was nice.

Good point. He should be put down twice.

I honestly don’t care. Bring a dangerous weapon into a place full of people and you should be put down. This is true for guns and pit bulls. And the guns, owners and pit bulls should be put down.

Thank you for the compliment, but “tattoo hating pit bull hater” would be more correct. I love dogs. Just not dangerous, violent ones.

That’s exactly what I would say if I didn’t want to address a contradiction.

Dogs are not dangerous weapons nor were these dogs in a place full of people. That woman was in her garden. Those dogs by nature sensed something and attacked. They aren’t capable of defending themselves the way stupid humans are and should be treated fairly. Also, it is wrong to punish the dog owner after he tried his best to fight the dogs for her, especially since one of his pets has been euthanized and you know that caused the owner a lot of grief.

I consider your mouth a dangerous weapon.

Bossii, Cinnamon and Smoki
These are cute pet names that are worthy of recycling. Cinnamon reminds me of a cheap perfume but I have more cheap perfume than I know what to do with. Although I like Smoki and it seems fitting, it’s not the kind of name I would choose for myself even though one would expect me to choose it because I smoke but it’s not unusual to me. I already have a pet (Gismo) but I’m going to plagerize and use Bossii just because I like the ii’s lol. It’s a unique way to spell the name. If I have a female pet I’m going to name her Honeysuckle because I have the plant in my yard and it smells so sweet.

All dogs are instinctive and provokable.

Most dogs are not dangerous. Pit bulls most certainly are. And cities are full of people.

Of course, but most won’t bite you and only a tiny, tiny fraction could kill you. We don’t allow tigers as pets. We shouldn’t allow pit bulls as pets.

4 states have no laws on keeping dangerous wild animals: Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. 6 states do not ban or regulate keeping big cats: Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Delaware, and Oklahoma.

I can have one.

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Ah, thanks, Reg, but I’ll pass. I would not want bacteria infected claws in my back.