Pit Bulls

Yes, pit bull lovers are very interesting. I will continue to monitor news stories about them.

Another child dead from this vile breed of dangerous fighting animals who have no place in our cities.

2 things in that article stand out to me:

  1. “Global News has learned Kache’s father’s roommate was the owner of two Cane Corso dogs.”

  2. “Beware of Dog signs were posted at the home, and neighbours have said the animals were a danger and a nuisance. The city has said animal control was called about two previous attacks at the home.”

so, this time and the 2 previous times it was not a pit that attacked

rip kid and rip dogs, such an unnecessary waste of lives that most likely could/would have been prevented with proper training and not leaving that kid alone with food and these dogs

Nico, you are not smart. Cane Corsos are just bigger pit bulls. Both vile breeds should be banned.

i guess its good of you to acknowledge that you fear and have a bias towards several breeds of dogs and not just pits

What a sweet kid. Dusty and I recently inherited a pit. He’s white with red eyes. Very loving dog but Hubby says his eyes will pierce your soul.

Gross. That will make it difficult to travel, too.

Not really. Dusty doesn’t travel.

Why not?

He’s not a people person.

Lots of people travel without socializing. There’s a lot to see in the world.

Oh, I think you misunderstand. It’s not about socializing. Just knowing he’s in a hotel room with thin walls where he can hear strangers in the hallway is enough to prevent him from going anywhere.

That must be challenging to work with.

Not really. I can always see the world online in pictures and videos.