Pit Bulls

Ban the breed? For clarity, this means no new pit bulls would be allowed to be registered as pets, and existing pit bulls would be placed under restrictions like having to wear muzzles in public.

  • Yes, ban them
  • No, don’t ban them

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had to login with this account just to vote on this and keep the doggies safe;)

Godless Dutch bisexual. Of course we should ban them.

no we shouldnt and the majority here agrees;)

I would agree with shipping all the Pit Bulls in the world to the Netherlands for you Godless Dutch to have sex with.

lol its good that you are focussed on trying to come up with ideas to save those dogs but your weird fantasies about having sex with dogs might be clouding a proper solution…

sounds like a young adult looking for fame and attention… no names, no pictures, no proof… instead of claiming a former politician was involved he should have said it was our current king… that would have inspired some to investigate and bring out some real news;)

I believe it because it’s about the Dutch.

I just voted to tie it up.

I’ve got a call in to @Gundi. She will break the tie.

I’m going to go in the assumption that Reg, Dan and Daniel voted to ban the poor pooches.

Sorry lol. Turn the volume down.

I like this one lol

animal abuse…

Fun for the whole family.

a kkk youth meeting is also fun for (some) families

I’m not sure about daniel on this one. My guess is you are wrong.

We don’t play that way around here. You are no fun.

6 out of 7 of us would know, wouldn’t you?

ah ok… perhaps this is more appropriate and entertaining there:
praying with the whole trump family before turning on a monitor to watch and laugh together seeing a drone kill 7 people?