Pastor Lindstedt is back in archive

…for flock who cannot manage to listen to the show online and who suffer from the new way “Canuckistanis focked up Talksjew”

Voice of Retards. lol.

Btw, Google’s parent co. uses the same TLD.

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WARNING: DOOMSDAY podcast ahead!

A superb show “The dying ZOG” came up in early 2021 and it had been better than expected.
So who ever is interested in a complete historical context of the following topics and persons should spend some hour to listen into this. Low on rambling and pretty concise. Almost a complete roundup.


  • Herbert Armstrong’s British Israelism
  • Christian Identity
  • Dual Seedline Christian Identity of Wesley Swift and Bertrand Comparet
  • Richard Butler’s AN
  • questionable Pastors Emerhiser, Eli James, Finck, Reo
  • discussion between the stand point of “keeping to oneself with YHWH” VS. seeking a suitable community in these crazy and opressive times
  • also targeted: Mennonites, farming and much more
  • low on the “Soredmamzer” struggle (which is a good thing)
  • Zombiefication and microchipping via new type of GMO “vaccines”
  • otherwise 100% Pharmafascism free


Songs included:
“I never f*** with j**s again”
“Coin operated goy”
“Florian Geyer Pastor Lindstedt version”
and more…

Your thing won’t play. Can you give us the punchline?

Yes, it loads pretty slowly, maybe it gets “shadow banned” because of the pretty “spicy” topics.
If I enter the mp3 directly in the browser it plays with the browser’s own integrated MP3 player…

Yeah I tried that but I think the issue is on my end. 5G keeps overriding my home internet connection causing me to use up all my bandwidth.

Much better to download the whole thing and then play it in a native Windows player. That way you can fast forward through the dull parts.

Is that what you did?

Now I’ll be needing instruction on how to download the whole thing.

Aside from the (tiny chunk of) Reo legal stuff, this time Pastor Lindstedt managed to not have any dull moment which surprised even me. I listened to it driving to work and almost couldn’t let go!

This is a kickstarter…no foreplay

Actually my tolerance for Marty has waned over the years. I’m happy he’s still alive although with Roxy dead now, he might as well die soon. There’s nothing left for him.

Oh nonsense. He has an entire world of people waiting to hear his blessed words.

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He claims to have his own ministry and possibly being head of AN of “more than just Missouri”, but when asked of membership he quickly changed topic :wink:

The caller keeps the discussion pretty alive with good questions!

Why did he do that, Daniel? Is he shy?

Marty is many things. Shy is not one of those things.

Let’s put it that way:
Pastor Lindstedt takes the “keep away from the world to not get stained” side and is very critic of most of his brothers in faith, so well, not too many people are left in the already small sect.
I like the caller asking for communities to get to know, dwell and join, You know, to fulfill Matthew’s

“where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”

but the Pastor just doesn’t seem to be of that kind of people.

I wouldn’t know. I don’t know him.

Oh yeah, I forgot!!
He speaks about his military service time, too, in this podcast, including chasing the most chubby of whores in Bavaria.
While having questionable attitudes from time to time, he is a LIVING HISTORY BOOK and song making machine!

Sounds like he’s experienced life then. I’ll try to listen to your thing when I get home.

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He is a low-iq, trailer trash fool of no consequence, but I quite like him.