5G internut and preppers don't seem to get along

Speaking of 5G:
I have been hanging around “laid back” farmers and preppers lately, and every body of them seems to be concerned with “5G internet”.
So I wondered: why is everybody scared of 5G? Is it so much different from 3G and 4G?

So I asked further questions to understand it and try to figure out where the thread seems to be:

  • radiation? → OK, but what about 3G and 4G? Yeah, I know, it is more bandwidth. But is it so much different?
  • tight grid surveillance/ behavior control? OK, but I asked: did you google “Elon Musk’s star-link”? This one is unavoidable, even in the woods in a laid back area, since it has world wide coverage and hence is letting 5G look pretty 1900s

I got weird answers the most common being “the high frequency radiation would be used to molecularize hazards like virusses and stuff into the human body in certain time slots when 5G is not carrying internet signals (idle mode)”. But I don’t know from where this information stems.

I can help you with where that information comes from. It originated in right wing lunatic groups, often pro-Trump, who think the US election was stolen.

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So You don’t think it is being any valid info, huh?
The thing is, You hear about this a lot lately in “my circles”. More than any other thing.
Well, thanks. I had been surprised that in times of pharmafascism and DNA, people working on the field still seem to care more about some radiowave stuff, the next mobile internet spot being several 10s of kilometers away.

Of course it’s not valid. It’s obvious nonsense. 5G is no different from the move from 2G to 3G and then to 4G. It’s just another electromagnetic RF tech.

Well, 2G and 3G do differ quite a lot. I actually worked for a 3G company way back in time and 3G back then was supposed to be pretty broad band but also “softly modulated” in contrast to old 80s tech 2G. 4G should be the same technology as 3G, just more bandwidth.

Also, in these days, SATAN hadn’t been that prevalent and omnipresent…

Then why are people that I do trust my life are parroting it?!?!

Because there are many many morons about.

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Because you entrust your life to idiots, obviously.




Im not scared of 5G. I’m irritated because my home internet is not functioning exactly the way it normally does. If I have any fear about any kind of internet service it’s only about my private info being stolen. I think 5G is a good thing. I like that it is connecting the world.

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It still surprises me since the massive use of radio waves has been omni present for decades now.
Not that it is always to be taken easy. I know of soldiers working on operative radar equipment decades ago without protection - who acquired cancer consecutively.

Daniel, there is no indication that our bodies are affected by high frequency EM radiation at all. The Canadian government specifies something we call “Safety Code 6” for EM emissions, and everyone who is advanced in amateur radio needs to be aware of it. They studied the effects of EM radiation on humans and found that the eyes were the part of the body most affected, and the dangerous range was 30-300 MHz. Beyond 300 MHz, the effects were down to nothing, and obviously 5g is 17 times that.

BS. Put Your head into a 2.4 GHz micro wave oven then.

fgs, Daniel, you are talking 3 watts vs 1500 watts.

Just saying…

I keep hearing about this. That when all of the 12,000 satellites are in orbit they are going to flip a switch and we are going to be in some kind of higher intellectual realm. I don’t even know how to word it because I can’t even wrap my mind around what that means.

It means your reading more BS.

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It certainly may be BS. Can you explain it?

NO and I can’t explain your infatuation with trump either.